Apartment Contents Insurance FAQs

Got a question about Allianz Apartment Content Insurance? Then read on to find out the answers to

some of our customer's most common queries.

Apartment content insurance (also referred to as “contents insurance”) is like a safety net for people who own and live in their own apartment.  With this insurance you are covered for any loss or damage to your contents as outlined in our household policy document.
If you’ve just bought and moved into your apartment, you might be wondering how to get apartment content insurance. Simply fill in some details online about you and what you want to cover. You’ll get a quote in just a few minutes and then you can decide if you want to take out the policy or not. You can get a quote with Allianz here and select ‘content only’ as your cover option. 
No, the insurance covering the building ( which is usually arranged through the management company) does not usually cover the contents of your apartment. It is the respondsibility of the owner of apartment to get their own contents insured.

While apartment content insurance is not mandatory or obligatory by law; at Allianz, we highly recommend that you take out insurance to cover your personal possessions to make sure you are protected against things like a burglary, flood, fire or other sudden events.

Always remember that your contents are usually not insured under the policy the management company has to cover the apartment building.

Household insurance covers both buildings and contents whereas contents insurance solely covers your contents within your apartment.


Renters insurance covers your contents if you are living in rented accommodation and content insurance for your apartment covers your contents when you own the apartment you’re living in. Both are content insurance which cover your personal possessions.