Pipletz Smart Car Tracker Pack Terms & Conditions

An Introduction to Pipletz Smart Car Tracker Pack

The Pipletz Smart Car Tracker Pack is a smart car tracking device that does not rely on car battery power or Wi-Fi or mobile sim for signal. It runs via the SIGFOX network (via radio signal). As a result it is wireless, easy to install and portable from car to car over an extended period. This tracking device can be hidden in a car. It will communicate the vehicle location via the SIGFOX network to the purchaser’s smart phone PIPLETZ mobile app. The PIPLETZ mobile app may be downloaded as instructed within the product instructions supplied following the placement and delivery of an order. In the event a purchaser’s car appears to be stolen, the purchaser should call the Gardaí to investigate and advise location to enable potential recovery. PIPLETZ mobile app subscription is required to avail of this service. A year’s subscription is included when you purchase the device/s. The price for the renewal subscription as of February 2018 is €35.

The following outlines the applicable terms and conditions - relating to premium reductions under Allianz Direct private car insurance policies; following the purchase and use of the smart protection device(s) introduced via the Allianz plc. website to existing and prospective customers.

Private Car Insurance Pipletz Smart Car Tracker Pack Pro- rata 5% Premium Reduction Offer – Terms and Conditions:  
  1. Allianz plc.plc.is an introducer of the Pipletz Smart Car Tracker Pack and receive a referral fee for the sale of each Pipletz product and subscription sold and renewed until 31st December 2019 to customers introduced via Allianz plc’s various communication platforms;
  2. This premium reduction offer is guaranteed from the Pipletz Smart Car Tracker Pack purchase date up until 31st December 2019.
  3. You must have an active car insurance policy with Allianz Direct to avail of the premium reduction offer.
  4. You must purchase the Pipletz Smart Car Tracker Pack (which includes the tracker and one year subscription to the Pipletz mobile app) per these terms and conditions. The price for the Pipletz Smart Car Tracker Pack is €129,99
  5. Delivery cost of Pipletz Smart Car Tracker Pack is €5.95
  6. If you decide to purchase a Pipletz product, Vizor Technology LTD., trading as VT will request your name and an active Allianz Direct policy number as part of the transaction and will share these details with Allianz. This information is needed for the purposes of applying the premium reduction to your Allianz insurance policy
  7. Allianz Direct offers a 5% premium reduction (from the date of purchase, per these terms and conditions, to 31st December 2019) on an annual private car insurance policy premium after you purchase a Pipletz Smart Car Tracker Pack. Your premium reduction will apply to any optional extras that you choose to cover on your policy. If the premium reduction is applied mid term (during the policy year) we will refund this premium reduction on a pro-rata basis. We will not apply a Premium Transaction Charge to this transaction. Minimum premium of €284 applies.

6a) How does pro-rata work? A pro-rata premium reduction means you get a portion of the discount depending on when in the year you purchase the Pipletz Smart Car Tracker Pack. We spread your Car Premium across 12 months and apply your 5% premium reduction on the number of months remaining until your next renewal. For example: Your Annual Car Premium is €550. You purchase the Pipletz Smart Car Tracker Pack half way through the year. Leaving 6 months until your Car Insurance renewal is due. Your car premium for 6 months is €275 (€550/12*6). 5% of this €275 is your premium reduction, equalling €13.75.

  1. An active Pipletz mobile app subscription is required to continue to avail of the premium reduction offer (only guaranteed to be available to Allianz Direct private car insurance customer policy renewal dates up to and including 31st December 2019). The current subscription renewal price is €35 as at 1st of February 2018.If you decide not to renew the Pipletz mobile app subscription, Vizor Technology Ltd., trading as VT will notify Allianz plc. of the lapse of the Pipletz mobile app subscription. Upon receipt of that notification, Allianz Direct will remove the premium reduction offer from your car insurance policy from the date of next policy renewal;
  2. Please refer to our Data Protection Policy for details on how Allianz process your data.
  3. Minimum premiums and standard acceptance criteria apply to the sale of our car insurance product as highlighted on the Allianz.ie website.
  4. This offer only applies to private car insurance policies sold by Allianz plc. directly within the Republic of Ireland.
  5. The Pipletz Smart Car Tracker Pack is sold by Vizor Technology Ltd., trading as VT only;
  6. You can avail of the offer b visiting Allianz.ie website and linking to VT as instructed on Allianz.ie
  7. VT in turn will advise Allianz plc. that a device has been purchased and pass your policy number to AllianzDirect. Allianz Direct will then process the premium reduction from the date we get notification of purchase and refund you by cheque. For monthly instalment payers we will reduce your remaining monthly instalments with the applicable refund amount.
  8. In the event that you purchase an Allianz Direct private car policy after purchasing the VT product, you must contact VT to avail of the premium reduction offer. Email VT at suppport@vt-iot.com and give them consent to notify Allianz Direct of the purchase, where upon receipt we will apply the premium reduction offer as outlined.  
  9. The pro –rata 5% premium reduction on a single car insurance policy is the maximum available with this offer. Multiple sensors or devices do not increase the car premium reduction offered;  
  10. Allianz plc. trading as Allianz Direct, is registered in Ireland. Registration No. 143108. Registered Office: Allianz House, Elmpark, Merrion Road, Dublin 4.

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