Pupil Personal Accident FAQs

Find answers to most frequently asked questions about Allianz Pupil Personal Accident here.


Option A - All of the pupils on the School roll participate in the scheme and they all take the same cover i.e. all pupils
take School Activities cover or all pupils take 24 hour cover.

Option B - The School give each individual pupil the choice of cover i.e. School Activities cover or 24 hour cover. With
Option B it doesn't matter how many of the pupils participate in the scheme, it can be one or all of the pupils in the

Please note that there is a price difference between Primary and Secondary Schools - please see Cover Information 
page for more details.

School Activities cover: any activity usual to a School which is carried out with the full knowledge and authority of
and under the control of the Board of Management / Governors of the School or of any other person specifically
authorised by them including direct travel to and from such activities.

24 hour cover : The pupil is covered 24 hours a day, for School Activities, social domestic and leisure activities
(including during School holidays).

Bodily Injury caused solely by accidental violent and visible means, external to the body  i.e. an injury as a result of an
accident rather than a strain where no actual accident took place.

Yes, you can send a cheque, payable to Allianz p.l.c., to:

Allianz House
Elmpark, Merrion Road
Dublin 4
D04 Y6Y6

along with a copy of the confirmation page that will print at the end of your on-line application.

Under financial regulations, the School must pass on the 20% premium reduction to parents /guardians who wish to
have their child included in the Schools Pupil Personal Accident Insurance. The parents / guardians can accept the
reduction off the individual premium or alternatively submit the higher amount allowing the School to retain the full
20% premium reduction towards School funds.
No, the 20% premium reduction only applies when schools apply or renew their policy online.
We need your school level (either Primary School (including Special Schools) or Secondary School), school name, full
address (Eircode inclusive), name of a contact person, school email address, school phone number, school roll number
and, if you are renewing your current policy, you also need to provide your Pupil Personal Accident policy number. No
Password is needed. You will also need to choose the number of pupils to go on cover and the level of cover required
(i.e. Option A - Common Cover, Option B - Optional Cover).

When you purchase/renew your cover you will be given a reference number. You will require this reference number
together with the school roll number. The reference number will be contained on your confirmation page which
printed when you completed your online application as well as on the email sent to the school email address provided
at the purchase/renewal application. 

With this reference number, you click 'BUY' and choose the option “ADD A PUPIL TO YOUR EXISTING POLICY”.

Yes, however, as this is a Personal Accident Policy only, we would recommend that a Travel insurance policy is
arranged for trips abroad to cover illness, lost baggage etc.
After an accident, Allianz will pay insured expenses, which are not recoverable from any other source, until the need
for care has ceased (subject to the policy limit of €50,000 each).
Yes, horse/pony riding is covered. However horse/pony racing/jumping is excluded (unless in connection with School
If pupil moves from a School with Allianz Pupil Personal Accident Policy to another School which also has an Allianz
Pupil Personal Accident Policy the cover will be transferred to the current School the pupil is registered at. However, if
they move to another school that does not have the Allianz Pupil Personal Accident Policy they will no longer be

No - All fighting is excluded (including, but not limited to Boxing, mixed martial arts and/or any martial art involving
combat with an opponent) unless it is connected with School Activities.


Payment can be made by Credit /Debit Card, Cheque / Bank Draft / Postal Order or EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer)

Allianz Bank Details for Electronic Fund Transfer

Account Name: Allianz plc

Name of Bank: Bank of Ireland, Ranelagh, Dublin 6

Account Number: 43970533

IBAN: IE33 BOFI 9001 7243 9705 33


Sort Code: 90-01-72

Yes, the claim form should be sent in at the time of the initial accident, following the first treatment of the injury. If
more treatment is likely to be required, please note this on the claim form.
After an insured accident, Allianz will pay insured expenses, which are not recoverable from any other source, until the
need for care has ceased (subject to the policy limit of €50,000 each).
Yes, once they occur as a direct result of an insured accident and the pupil has been referred by their medical
Settlement cheques are typically issued within two weeks of a claim being received (this can vary depending on the
type of claim).

The parent/guardian completes the claim form (claim form available from our
Pupil Personal Assistance Claims Page or can be sent out on request.)

  • The claim form will be signed by the parent/guardian and will also need to be signed by the School principal.
  • If the Policy is on an Option B basis, the principal will have to check their records to ensure the pupil is
    covered and the type of cover applicable (i.e. 24 hour or School Activities only cover).
  • The claim form should then be sent to Allianz along with any accompanying medical or dental receipts. If
    there are likely to be additional expenses as a result of the accident, please send a note with the claim stating
    that and we will keep the claim open. All correspondence should contain the policy or reference number
    together with the School phone number and sent to:

Pupil Personal Accident Claims Department
Allianz House
Merrion Road
Dublin 4
D04 Y6Y6

Alternatively, you can send claim documentation via email to rpaclaims@allianz.ie