Primary School cover detail

Here you can find the details on our Primary School Pupil Personal Accident cover.
Allianz have been providing Pupil Personal Accident Insurance to schools in Ireland since the mid 1980’s. Pupil Personal Accident Insurance is a benefits policy and covers Medical and Dental expenses following an accident.
  • School Activities Only - provides cover for pupils during any school activity taking place with the full knowledge and authority of the school and including direct travel to and from such activities.
  • 24 hour -  in addition to the cover for “School Activities Only” the 24 Hour Cover also applies to social, domestic and leisure, 24/7, 365 days a year.
Schools can choose to arrange the same cover for all pupils on their School roll (Option A) or provide Parents/Guardians with the option to have their children included and choose the level of cover that suits them better (Option B).
The premiums for the coming year (2024) are as follows : 
20% off online premiums
Schools may keep online savings at parents discretion.

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All Pupils School Activities €5.00 per child (on-line price €4.00)
All Pupils 24 Hour Cover €8.00 per child (on-line price €6.40)

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School Activities €6.00 per child (on-line price €4.80)
Specified Pupils 24 hour cover €9.00 per child (on-line price €7.20)

Please note that your policy includes important exclusions and conditions.

The Company encourages you to read them carefully and to contact Allianz at 01 613 3966 if any clarification is needed