Car insurance for young drivers

15% off new policies online*

*Minimum premium of €284 applies

*Minimum premium of €284 applies.

Getting insurance in your own name

Getting insurance in your own name means you will be the policy owner and you can select the cover that suits you. To get insurance in your own name you must be the registered owner of the car you are insuring.

Whatever  cover options  you select, having your own car insurance policy will benefit you in the long-term. Building up a no claims bonus with us, will stand to you when you go to renew your policy each year.

Becoming a named driver with Allianz

If you don’t own your own car just yet but you are 17 years or older and hold a valid learner permit or driving licence, you can ask your parent/guardian, family member or friend to add you as a named driver on their Allianz car insurance policy*. Their insurance premium will likely increase, but it can be a good way to improve your driving experience and get you on the road.

* Subject to acceptance criteria. Call us on 01 448 48 48 for more information. We are open  Monday to Friday 8am-6pm and on Saturday from 9am-1pm.