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Protect your contents with Allianz

10% off new policies online*

*Minimum premium contents €86.10, all risks €12.60. **Based on a couple renting a 2 bed apartment in Dublin 8 with €20,000 contents.

Wondering how to get Renters Insurance? Whether you stick to the basics or want extra cover, you can get a personalised quote in minutes. Start off with a premade bundle and tweak it until it’s perfect for you. 

Please note: The Renters Insurance / Contents Household Insurance Policy document is available at the bottom of the page for you to download.

From €10/month

Essential insurance for your possessions at home.

  • Contents worth up to €20,000
  • Standard Excess: €250. 

    This is the amount you pay if you make a claim. Then we cover the rest. For example, if you make a claim on a TV to the value of €1,500, you pay the first €250 and we pay the remaining €1,250.
  • Fire, storm, flood, theft and burglary cover
  • 4x Emergency Home Assistance callouts per year
  • TV and audio accidental damage cover up to €1,300
  • Liability claims if a visitor injures themselves in your home
Our recommendation
Get all the cover of The Basics bundle plus:

Enhanced protection, insuring some items even outside the home.

  • Cover outside the home for your jewellery, laptop, mobile phone, sports equipment and more. Each item is insured for up to €2,000, with no excess
  • Accidental damage cover extended to all of your possessions
*Minimum premium contents €86.10, all risks €12.60. **Based on a couple renting a 2 bed apartment in Dublin 8 with €20,000 contents.

Here are just a few reasons why you may need Renters Insurance:

If you’re wondering if Renters Insurance is worth the cost, just take a minute to think about what’s in your home. Think about the small things – the frying pan your Mam gave you for Christmas, the blanket you picked up in Peru, your ever-growing record collection. Then think about the big things – your engagement ring, your smartphone, your laptop.

Does Renters Insurance cover theft outside the home?

Yes, Allianz Renters Insurance policy (A More Complete package) covers theft outside the home. To include this in your package, add Specified or Unspecified All Risks Cover to your bundle. These products have the added benefit of having no excess.

Does Landlord Insurance cover Renters possessions?

No, Landlords Insurance does not cover Renters possessions. It’s the responsibility of Renters to get their own contents insurance, in other words Renters Insurance.

Find information on Renters and Home Insurance claims & emergency assistance here.
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Renters Insurance FAQs.