Allianz Insurance Ireland

Great quality flexible products and a claims service built with you in mind.
  • Allianz has decades of experience in this business and we've been in Ireland since 1902.
  • You’re in good hands when 500,000 customers in Ireland have already chosen us. 
  • Allianz is one of the world's largest insurers.
  • You will be looked after by trained & dedicated insurance professionals.
  • Allianz offers great quality, flexible insurance products to meet your needs.
  • When you need us, our dedicated claims team will be there for you.

About us

Allianz is the no.1 insurance brand globally, we continue to be the world’s most valuable insurance brand in the 2021 Best Global Brands ranking. We are also one of the largest insurers operating in more than 70 countries worldwide.

We have been operating in Ireland for over 100 years now, with a team of over 600 people that look after over 500,000 customers. We have decades of experience and  are extremely proud of our flexible  products as well as a claims service  built with the customer in mind.

What we do

We provide retail and business  insurance products to our customers  directly and through our Broker and  Bank assurance partners. Retail products such as motor, home, renters, landlord and pet insurance. Specialist commercial products for  the small to medium enterprise (SME)  market as well as  large scale  bespoke commercial insurance  solutions through intermediaries only.

Our purpose

Since 1890, all around the globe we at Allianz have been working hard to secure people’s futures and give confidence in tomorrow. We are actuaries, advisers and service agents, engineers, lawyers and technology experts that together shape our industry. Because we know how important it is to have a fair partner at your side who provides solid and sustainable solutions, we strive to do it right with passion, every day.

Gender pay gap

Allianz is committed to gender equality, meaning equal opportunities for all genders. As we strive to continue to be a diverse employer, we closed the Equal Pay Gap in 2021 (0%) and have all measures in place to ensure that it stays closed in future. We are happy to say we achieved EDGE certification in 2022 that recognises our approach, which included an independent audit of our Equal Pay Gap as part of the certification process. 

Ireland's mandatory Gender Pay Gap reporting regime has commenced in 2022 for Republic of Ireland employers with a headcount of 250+ employees. The Gender Pay Gap Information Act 2021 requires organisation’s to report on their hourly Gender Pay Gap across a range of metrics including the Employers statement published on their website.

Under Irish government rules, the Gender Pay Gap measures the average and median of pay for men and for women across the organisation. It does not take account of the different roles that may be occupied by men and women. An organisation applying Equal Pay principles can still have a Gender Pay Gap. In our case, our Gender Pay Gap Report reinforces our Equal Pay approach in the Lower and Middle quartiles of the organisation, where many men and women perform similar roles. In the Report, it reflects there is a more substantial gap in our Upper Quartile population of colleagues. This reflects a higher percentage of male to female colleagues overall in this group, and a higher number of unique roles. Many of these roles are in senior management and we have set ourselves targets to address the gender representation imbalance here; progress is being made, and at general management levels we already have achieved a gender balance in 2022. From an Equal Pay Gap perspective, these roles are currently assessed in the same way as other roles in the organisation in line with our Equal Pay approach.