Information on the exemption of intra-group transactions from EMIR margining obligation

Pursuant to Regulation (EU) No 648/2012 (“EMIR”), counterparties are generally obliged to provide collateral for non-cleared OTC-
derivatives. Allianz plc has been granted full exemption from this obligation in accordance with Art. 11 para. 3 EMIR with respect to
intra-group transactions. 

This exemption relates to intra-group transactions between Allianz plc (LEI Code 635400BFGESLKMXBZV15), and Allianz SE (LEI-Code 529900K9B0N5BT694847) (the ‘Counterparty‘). Allianz plc is a fully consolidated subsidiary of Allianz SE.

The exemption for intra-group transactions from the margining obligation covers all OTC derivatives between Allianz plc and the
Counterparty up to a notional aggregate amount of €10m. Please note that this is only an estimate of the future notional per year and
that the actual notional may differ.

Allianz plc has prepared this Solvency and Financial Condition Report to satisfy the public disclosure requirements under the Solvency II
Directive which came into effect from 1 January 2016.

This report covers the business and performance, system of governance, risk profile, valuation for solvency purposes and capital
management process of the company as required under the regulations.