Pupil Personal Accident policy

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  • Allianz proven and trusted track record in schools insurance
  • 20% online saving for your school (may be retained at parent’s/guardian’s discretion)
  • No excess
  • No Time Limit - We continue to pay insured expenses until the need for care has ceased
  • Reduces the possibility of legal action being taken against your school

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Medical Expenses (including ambulance hire) not recoverable from any other source up to €50,000
2. Dental Expenses not recoverable from any other source up to €50,000
3. Death by Accident €10,000
4. Permanent Total Disablement €200,000
5. Permanent total loss of sight in one eye or use of one limb €50,000
6. Total and Irrecoverable loss of sight in both eyes or use of both limbs €100,000
7. Total and Irrecoverable loss of hearing in one ear €40,000
8. Total and Irrecoverable loss of hearing in both ears €100,000
9. Loss Of Speech €40,000
10. Hospital Confinement - €20 payable per day (maximum 90 days) up to €1,800

For schools who do not wish to avail of our internet facility, you may arrange cover by returning your application and premium details
via the postal system. Should you decide to proceed on this basis please contact us on 01 613 3700 to request application forms, so that
you can submit them to parents in September 2023.

The 20% premium reduction only applies if purchase is done via our website.

If you require more details in relation to our scheme or have any questions about the policy, please contact our dedicated Pupil
Personal Accident Team at 01 613 3700 or your local Allianz Representative.

Please note that your policy includes important exclusions and conditions. The Company encourages you to read them carefully and to
contact Allianz at 01 613 3700 if any clarification is needed.