Holiday home insurance cover details

With Allianz Holiday Home insurance, you have the flexibility to choose what kind of cover you need.

Protect your ‘home from home’ even when you’re not there and enjoy peace of mind with Allianz Holiday Home Insurance.
A holiday home is a property that you may stay in from time to time for your holidays or time away but it is not your full time residence.

With Allianz Holiday Home Insurance you are covered  for:

  • Liability cover for damage or injury to third parties for which you are liable for for up to a limit of €3,000,000
  • Clean up expenses following escape of oil from any fixed domestic system
  • Fire brigade charges covered up to a maximum of €3,000
Yes. If you rent your holiday home out for seasonal use, we also cover this. You will need to let us know if this is the arrangement so we can ensure you  are correctly insured. This may be subject to an additional premium.

Yes, you are covered if you are found to be liable of injury to a third party and for damage caused to property that does not belong to you.

The buildings section of the household policy covers you for liability  as the owner of the property insured. The maximum we will pay under the policy for any one event or a series events under this cover is €3,000,000. Please refer to your Household Policy Document for further details.

Yes there are additional conditions in place for holiday homes given the property is not occupied on a full time basis. One of these conditions is that during the period of 1st of October to 31st of March the following measures need to be taken:

Between the 1st of October and the 31st of March (inclusive) either (a) or (b) applies:

(a) If the house is vacant for up to 48 hours:

(i) The water supply must be turned off at the mains and the entire cold water system must be drained down


(ii) The holiday home must maintain a minimum constant temperature of 5 degrees Celsius or 41 degrees Fahrenheit.

(b) If the house is vacant for more than 48 hours:

(i) The water supply must be turned off at the mains and the entire cold water system must be drained down


(ii) The holiday home must have a fully operational thermostatically controlled central heating system that is set to maintain a minimum constant temperature of 5 degrees Celsius or 41 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the holiday home (including the attic).

For the full details on all the terms and conditions that apply on your policy, please refer to the Household Policy Document.

Yes, we will pay the cost of the charges you owe a local authority (as permitted by legislation) for fire brigade attendance, as a result of any incident which is insured by your policy. The maximum amount we will pay is €3,000 for any one loss.

Yes, your holiday home is  covered  for storm  damage.  This excludes loss or damage:

  • to  fences and gates, lawns, hedges, trees, shrubs and plants,
  • by frost,
  • to roofs constructed with torch-on felt exceeding 10 years of age, or other felt exceeding 5 years of age.
Yes, we will pay the cost of loss or damage by an insured event to contents in the open within the boundaries of the premises. This cover does not include accidental damage even if you have selected this cover and it is indicated on your schedule. The maximum amount we will pay is €1,000 for of any one loss.
No, Emergency Home Assistance is an additional benefit on your policy which does not affect your no claims bonus at renewal.
There is a limit of 4 calls outs per policy year. If you need to avail of Emergency Home Assistance service just call 01 448 48 48, where assistance is available 24/7/365 days a year.

Underinsurance is where your sums insured are too low and may not reflect the costs of repairing or rebuilding your holiday home at today’s rates. It is easy to get confused between market value and rebuild cost (sums insured) of your holiday home when it comes to insurance. The market value is the price an estate agent would place on your holiday home if you put it up for sale. This is often different to what the cost is to repair or rebuild your holiday home should it get damaged due to a fire or storm for example, this is your sums insured .

It is important to review your sums insured on an ongoing basis as underinsurance will have an impact at claims stage. One of the terms and conditions on your policy is called “average clause” which applies if you are underinsured. With “average clause” if your sums insured at the time of a claim are less than the cost of rebuilding your home, the amount paid out may be reduced.