Summer and Easter Camp FAQs

Our most Frequently Asked Questions about Allianz Schools Insurance.
Summer / Easter camps are specifically excluded from the Custodian School Protection Policy. If the camp is being run
by and under the control and supervision of the Board of Management, the School Protection Policy can be extended,
however an additional premium will be charged. If the camp is being run by the teachers, for their own financial
benefit, they must take out their own insurance policy.

In order to provide a quotation we would need the following information:

  • Confirmation that the School Board of Management taking full responsibility for and control of running the Camp
  • Where the Camp will be held
  • Period of Cover required (specific dates) 
  • What kind of activities will take place (e.g.: accommodation, academic, sport, others)
  • If there will be any inflatable element (such as a Bouncy Castle), if so, please describe same and advise number of them
  • Number of supervisors
  • Total number of pupils that will attend