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Caring for your pet when on holiday - Allianz Insurance

Pet owners, it’s important that you organise the best care for your furry friend while on holidays. Therefore, we've made a list of tips for you to take away.
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Recognising and preventing obesity in pets - Pet Insurance

It is of great concern as overweight pets are at higher risk of illness and have a reduced lifespan. Read here for tips & advice on avoiding obesity in your pet
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Keeping your pets safe and secure this Halloween - Allianz

Halloween can be an exciting time for us humans but what about our pets? Our in house vets shares tips to keep your pet safe this Halloween.
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Training your new pup - Allianz Ireland Pet Insurance

The stress of a new home can potentially reduce your dog’s capacity to learn new behaviours. Creating a calm environment and following these tips can help.
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Looking after your pet in summer time - Pet Insurance

Here are our top tips to keep your pet cool and safe this summer, along with some advice should they overheat.
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Foods that are not safe for your pet - Allianz Pet Insurance

Do we realise the more serious risks that our foods have on our pet’s health? Read examples of foods we as humans consume every day that are harmful to pets.
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Risks of Buying a Pet Online - Allianz Pet Insurance

We’ve partnered with Dr Tim Kirby, veterinary surgeon, founder and owner of PetBond for more insights on this and to highlight the risks of buying pets online.
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Why are Pets Great for our Wellbeing and Mental Health?

Pets are valued as family members and companions and many studies confirm an enhanced quality of life due to interactions between people and animals - Allianz
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The Ultimate Guide to Getting a Dog - Allianz Pet Insurance

Allianz partnered with our friends at the ISPCA to create this useful guide to help you make the right decisions for you and your potential new best friend.
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