Girl hiking with dog

Hiking with your dogs - Allianz Ireland Pet Insurance

We’ve put together a list to for you and your dog’s safety - let’s look at the many precautions you need to take for your dog before bringing them on a hike.
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lady with cat

Guidelines on choosing a rescue cat - Allianz Insurance

Pets- May is Adopt a Cat month! Our in house vet has put together some guideline to help you make the right choice when adopting a cat so, take note & execute.
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Dog and exercise balls

Complementary Therapies for Your Pet - Allianz Pet Insurance

Allianz - There are a wide range of therapies that can support the health of your pet alongside conventional veterinary care. Read here for more information.
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dog at christmas

Making Christmas a safe and happy time for your pet

Below are tips on how to keep them safe and relaxed over the Christmas season like providing a safe space or a good routine etc. Read more & take note of these.
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Dog and cat asleep beside warm fire

Looking After Your Pet In Cold Weather - Pet Insurance

Allianz Pet - It is important to be aware of your pet’s needs. Our in-house vet has put together some top tips to help keep your pet warm and safe this winter.
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man with his dog

The benefits of adopting pets - Allianz Pet Insurance

There are so many benefits to adopting a pet from a shelter compared to buying from breeders or online, read our conclusions here & hopefully they will help you
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Woman hugging cat

Recognising and Preventing Stress in Your Cat - Allianz

Stress related illnesses occur quite often in cats.It is important to be aware of your cats basic needs to make sure that they are being met.
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Vet looking at cat

Advice From a Vet: Taking Your Cat to the Vet - Allianz

Allianz Cats are very susceptible to stress when visiting a vet, so it’s important as a pet owner to try to minimise this. Read advice from vets themselves here
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Kitten kissing puppy

Advice from a Vet on Choosing A Pet - Allianz Pet Insurance

Pets are for life, so many years of commitment to their welfare. Our in-house vet has put together some questions you should consider before choosing your pet.
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