What is “All Risks” Cover? 

1 min read   November 29th, 2017

All Risks is an optional extension of cover under your Home Insurance policy which protects you against loss or theft of, or accidental damage to, personal valuables. These could include jewellery, clothing, photographic or sports equipment to name but a few. This cover is for both inside and outside your home. It also covers you for items you take abroad for up to 60 days.

There are two types of All Risks cover:

Specified All Risks Cover

This allows you to list individual items on your policy, and specify their individual value*. Specified items normally include jewellery, hearing aids, bicycles, cameras and other valuables. Each item is covered up to the amount you insure it for.

*Please note that any item that is lost and there is no all risk cover in place, is not covered under the home insurance policy.

Allianz will reimburse you for loss or damage to any item specified in the schedule up to a maximum of the sum insured shown against the item.

Be sure to add your engagement rings and wedding rings to your specified items, as if these are lost, damaged or stolen outside the home they won’t be covered.

Unspecified All Risks Cover

This is an umbrella style cover which allows you to select a total amount that your personal effects will be covered for each year. There is no need to list each item individually. This cover is designed for valuable personal items such as glasses, jewellery, mobile phones, handbags etc.

Certain limits apply to Unspecified All Risks cover including; up to €2,000 for any one item; bicycles up to €500; and personal money up to €765. These limits apply in any one Period of Insurance. A period of insurance is the period shown on your schedule and any following period for which we accept a renewal premium.

For further information regarding All Risks Cover please refer to our Household Policy Document for further details.

If you would like to know more about adding an All Risks Cover to your policy please feel free to call us on (01) 448 48 48 and one of our customer service representatives will be delighted to help.

Please note:It is important to remember, when proposing for insurance cover, that the information you provide is true and complete and that no material fact has been misrepresented or withheld by you. Failure to disclose all material information may result in the voidance or cancellation of your policy, a claim not being paid or partly paid, you encountering difficulty obtaining insurance elsewhere or, in the case of property insurance, you breaching the terms and conditions of any loan on the property.

Information correct as of 29/11/2017. Calls may be recorded.