Allianz Ireland Insurance supports pride month (LGBTQI+)

1 min read    June 21st, 2021

  • At Allianz, it is important for us to come together to support equality and respect. Pride Month is the perfect opportunity for us to celebrate the LGBTQI+ community in its entirety, and feel empowered by it too.
  • To celebrate Pride Month, we have organised a number of speakers and workshops for our staff that will take place throughout the month of June. We’re also encouraging staff to wear different colours of the rainbow and share pictures, so we can create our very own Allianz rainbow!

How to Create a Respectful Workplace

Integrity and respect in workplace interactions help cultivate a positive and successful environment that enhances the bottom line. This webinar will introduce communication skills and other behaviours that promote respect, open ways of relating to colleagues, settling differences and working effectively as a team.

 Participants will;

  • Explore conflict negotiation strategies
  • Explore conflict negotiation strategiesFoster a morale-enhancing atmosphere
  • Explore conflict negotiation strategiesIdentify, promote and practice healthy ways of interacting
  • Explore conflict negotiation strategiesExamine inappropriate and/or abusive communication styles
  • Explore conflict negotiation strategiesApply respectful techniques to common workplace problems
  • Explore conflict negotiation strategiesIdentify advantages of respectful, positive workplace interaction

 How to be a Diversity and Inclusion Role Model in your Organisation by Furkan Karayel

Do you want to be a role model for diversity and inclusion? Are you struggling to take practical steps to start your journey? If you lead a diverse team(s), or if you feel your team lacks diversity, then this workshop is designed for you. Building ‘Inclusive Intelligence’ will show you how to be an inclusive leader and build a workplace where everyone feels included and fully contributes

How to Support LGBTQI+ Employees in the Workplace

Among any group there will be a range of people with a range of sexualities and genders. This variation is often described using the image of a Rainbow to demonstrate that sexual orientation and gender identity can be more than one or other type. Our webinar considers how to create a positive work environment where difference is understood and respected.

Participants will;

  • Learn the difference between sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression
  • Learn the difference between sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expressionUnderstand LGBTQI+ terminology
  • Explore how different cultures approach this topic
  • Practice how to start a conversation with someone in the LGBTQI+ community in a way that is respectful and use their preferred pronouns
  • Learn how to be an ally in the workplace
  • Know how to deal with issues of disrespect or safeguarding in the workplace

We’re delighted to work with VHI Healthcare on these workshops and support LGBTQI+ employees in our workplace.

We hope everyone has a safe and happy Pride!