Getting your driving licence and finding your first car is a really exciting part of getting older. It opens up so many opportunities for exploring the country and gives you a new-found sense of freedom. At Allianz, we support young drivers on their journey to taking that first step on the road.  


Get your Practice In 

After you’ve passed your theory test, getting practice in is an exciting step for some and a more daunting one for others, but there are a few things that can help you on your journey to getting your licence. Make sure you’re still aware of the reading material available online from the Road Safety Authority that you used to pass your theory test—these will still come in handy when you’re on the road. Get to know the handbook of your current vehicle or the one you’ll be learning to drive in so you’re up to speed on what the dashboard signs mean, how to fill up your oil or change your tyres should you get a puncture. Once you know this, you can remain cool, calm and collected should any possible issues arise. When you’re just getting started, it can be helpful to stick to areas you know and roads you’ve driven on before, this way you can use this new knowledge in areas you feel comfortable in before tackling somewhere new. 


Ace your Driving Test

After you’ve learned all you can about the rules of the road, your car’s specific traits and functionality and you’ve secured your 12 EDT car driving lessons it’s time for the final hurdle before you can go exploring and soak up this new-found freedom. While your driving test can set off your nerves, just know it’s something everyone goes through. Get your experience on the road safely, know all the questions they can ask and then it’s time to book in for your driving test, breathe and relax. We have a handy blog all about Irish driving test tips if you’re looking for some reassurance before the big day. 


Get Insurance 

The best way to find the right insurance for you and your vehicle, is by doing your research to see what works for you. There are so many options and reputable providers, so it’s great to get a little help from friends and family members who have been through the process before. Most young drivers will have been a ‘Named Driver’ on someone else’s car before, so this could be the first time you’re getting your first car insurance policy in your own name. We’ve written a handy blog post before all about your first car insurance policy, so if you’re wondering where to start, this is a good place.  


Make Sure your Car is Safe & Reliable 

By ensuring your car is safe and reliable, not only can you rest assured you’re doing all you can to stay safe on the road, you can even get a lower car insurance quote—double win. Whether you have the funds to get your dream car, or you’re looking elsewhere for a viable option, it helps to do your research to find the perfect car for you. When you’ve found the perfect car, gotten through the NCT test and found the right insurance, it’s time to get moving on the road and enjoy the freedom this new life skill can bring. 


Enjoy the Journey

Once you’re car has the tax, insurance and NCT it needs (learn more about how to prepare for your NCT), you’re ready to take on your next adventure. We hope you enjoy those first days on the road and you have some exciting and safe adventures, wherever your new young driver life takes you. If you find yourself looking for tips for a safe road trip, or you want to make sure your car is road trip ready, has a huge range of blogs, top tips and information to help young drivers make the most of this exciting chapter. 



Information correct as of date of publishing. This blog will not be updated or edited so the information may become outdated.