Renters Insurance FAQs

Got a question about Allianz Renters Insurance? Then read on to find out the answers to
some of our customer’s most common queries.
Please note: Our home insurance policy document is available at the bottom of the page for you to download.

Renters Insurance (also referred to as “contents only insurance”) is like a safety net for people living in rented
accommodation. Tenants buy it just in case something happens to their possessions, including laptops, jewellery,
phones and more. If you have Renters Contents Insurance with Allianz and one or more of your possessions are
damaged, destroyed or stolen, you can make a claim to get back some or all of the value if the claim is valid.

For more details on Allianz Renters Insurance please check out our Household Insurance policy document (contents insurance

If you live in an apartment or house in a single occupancy, couple occupancy or shared occupancy (housemates) setting, you can get a quote* online in minutes.

*Minimum premium contents €86.10, all risks €12.60.

Please note: If you share a house with non-family members, each individual needs to take out their own renters insurance policy in order to protect their possessions.

No, Tenants Insurance is simply another term for Renters Insurance.

At Allianz, our product is called Renters Contents Insurance.

No, Landlords Insurance does not cover your possessions. It’s the responsibility of renters to get their own contents
insured, in other words Renters Contents Insurance. The person who pays Renters Insurance is the tenant, not the

The answer to the question, “Do I need Renters Insurance?” is a personal one. That’s because Renters Insurance isn’t
mandatory or required by law.

You should get Renters Insurance if you want to cover your personal possessions if there’s a burglary, flood, fire or
other sudden event. Always remember that the person who needs Renters Insurance is the tenant.

If you’re a first timer, you might be wondering how to get Renters Insurance for an apartment or a house. The answer
is the same in both instances – simply fill in some details online about you, your home and what you want to cover.
You’ll get a quote in just a few minutes and then you can decide if you want to take out the policy or not. You can get a
quote with Allianz here.

There are a lot of Insurance Companies out there that offer Renters Insurance, so it can be confusing picking
somewhere. Here are some of the main qualities your insurance company should have:

  • A well-known name and a good reputation
  • The cover you need for your possessions
  • Straightforward claiming process
  • Excellent customer service

The cost of Renters Insurance in Ireland depends on what you want to insure, the type of home you live in and your
area. For most people, Renters Insurance usually costs about the same as a few cups of coffee a month.*

To find out exactly how much Renters Insurance costs for an apartment or house that you’re renting, simply fill in your
details online and get a quote in minutes.

*Based on the average cost of Allianz Renters Insurance cover in Ireland of €14.71 per month.

You can get a personalised quote here.

Renters Insurance covers the damage or loss of your possessions if something sudden happens, like a burglary or a
flood. It also covers liability claims made against you.

At Allianz, even basic Renters Insurance ("The Basics" bundle) covers a lot of different types of things. For example, it
covers your possessions, up to a certain value, that are damaged, destroyed or stolen in your home.

As well as that, The Basics Renters Insurance covers accidental damage to your TV. You can also claim for temporary
housing and additional living expenses if there’s a fire or similar and you can’t live in your home.

If you want, you can also get extra cover for items you take outside your home, for example bicycles and jewellery.

You can read more on our Renters Insurance Cover Information page here.

Yes, this is an optional cover on the policy. To include this cover, you can add specified or unspecified all risks cover to you package. This cover has the added benefit of having no excess.

You can read more on our Renters Insurance Cover Information page here.

*Minimum premium contents €86.10, all risks €12.60. **Based on a couple renting a 2 bed apartment in Dublin 8 with €20,000 contents.