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Apartment Contents Insurance Cover Information

With Allianz Contents Insurance for apartment owners, 

you can tailor a policy to be a unique as your home!

If you are living in an apartment that you own, it is your responsibility to make sure that your contents and valuables are covered. The contents you might have in your apartment may include items of furniture, TV’s, bikes, musical instruments, jewellery or personal devices such as laptops and playstations. 


Even with a basic contents package from Allianz, your belongings are covered for loss or damage caused by things such as: 

  • Fire, flood, theft and explosion
  • Smoke damage that may arise from a fire
  • Water damage to your contents caused by an escape of water from any plumbing or heating system or a fixed water appliance or domestic appliance
  • Accidental damage to audio & audio visual equipment up to €3,000
  • Malicious damage or vandalism

You can also tailor your policy by adding all risk cover which will cover your valuables such as jewellery, mobile phones and bikes both inside and outside your apartment. 

For full details of covers, exclusions, terms, conditions and limitations please take a look at our household policy document.

Cover for your belongings that are damaged or destroyed by and/smoke. Fire brigade charges which arise from an insured event are also included in your policy and are covered up to €3,000.
Cover for your belongings that are damaged or destroyed by storm and flood.

Cover for your belongings that are damaged or destroyed by a sudden escape or overflow of water which could be caused by burst pipes, a leak from the washing machine or other plumbing issues in your home.

There is no cover for this if the apartment has been unoccupied for more than 35 days in row or by gradual leaking from baths, sinks, showers or toilets.

Cover for your belongings that are damaged, destroyed or stolen when a burgular forces their way into your home. If your belongings are damaged as a result of an attempted burgulary, this is also covered. Your policy also covers door lock replacement.

There is no cover for this if the apartment has been unoccupied for more than 35 days in row.

If you have a sudden situation like a water leak or if you’re locked out, Allianz are here 24/7/365 to help and prevent any further damage to your home. Costs of the call out, labour and materials are covered (up to €300 per incident, and you can use the service four times per year and it won’t affect your premium!).

You can find more information on Emergency Home Assistance here.

Covered up to €3,000 automatically. Excludes loss or damage to records, audio, video or computer discs, tapes or cassettes, CDs, DVDs, console games, hearing aids and loss or damage caused by pets.
Covers up to €4,000 for your computers, printers, scanners and other home office equipment.
We increase your contents value by 10% in December and January at no extra cost to make sure you are covered during the festive season.
We increase your contents value by 10% for the month before and the month after your wedding day at no extra cost. Simply let us know when you’re getting married to get this increased cover at no extra cost.
Covers up to €400 if something you buy is damaged between the shop and your home. 
Charges covered up to €3,000, as part of a valid insurance claim.
Covers up to €2,000 for visitor’s possessions damaged or destroyed in your home.

In addition to our standard cover and benefits, you can also tailor your policy to include cover for accidental damage plus cover for items both inside and outside your home.

Covers for any of your possessions in the event of an everyday mishap. For example, if a visitor spills coffee on your rug.

Take a look at our household policy document to see what exclusions apply.

Insure up to six personal possessions outside the home, including your phone, jewellery, bicycles and other valuables. The maximum
value for each specified item is €10,000 and the total value of all your specified items cannot be more than €20,000.
Specified All Risks items can be tailored to either package as an optional extra.

Please note: The above information does not reference all of the benefits, terms, conditions, limitations, exceptions and exclusions associated with the Policy. Please take time to read our Household insurance policy document and to ensure that you understand the cover
*Minimum premium contents €86.10 applies.


Apartment content insurance (also referred to as “contents insurance”) is like a safety net for people who own and live in their own apartment.  With this insurance you are covered for any loss or damage to your contents as outlined in our household policy document.
If you’ve just bought and moved into your apartment, you might be wondering how to get apartment content insurance. Simply fill in some details online about you and what you want to cover. You’ll get a quote in just a few minutes and then you can decide if you want to take out the policy or not. You can get a quote with Allianz here and select ‘content only’ as your cover option. 
No, the insurance covering the building ( which is usually arranged through the management company) does not usually cover the contents of your apartment. It is the respondsibility of the owner of apartment to get their own contents insured.

While apartment content insurance is not mandatory or obligatory by law; at Allianz, we highly recommend that you take out insurance to cover your personal possessions to make sure you are protected against things like a burglary, flood, fire or other sudden events.

Always remember that your contents are usually not insured under the policy the management company has to cover the apartment building.

Household insurance covers both buildings and contents whereas contents insurance solely covers your contents within your apartment.


Renters insurance covers your contents if you are living in rented accommodation and content insurance for your apartment covers your contents when you own the apartment you’re living in. Both are content insurance which cover your personal possessions.