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Allianz Contents Insurance for Apartment Owners 

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At Allianz, we understand that our customers want to protect the things they love. If you own and live in your own apartment, with an Allianz contents policy you can protect your most-loved possessions that are not covered under your buildings insurance. 

If you are a landlord and are looking for contents only insurance visit our landlord insurance page here. 


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Cover for your home office equipment worth up to €4,000 in any one policy year
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If you live in an apartment that you own, you may need apartment contents insurance to protect your possessions. This is different to renters contents insurance, where you don’t own the apartment you live in. 

In most cases, the actual structure of the apartment building will be covered through insurance arranged by the management company. This insurance will cover the structure against events like fire, flood, storm and water damage. 

However, the insurance arranged by the management company, may not cover your cherished possessions and the furniture that you have bought to make your apartment your home. This means that if a fire occurs the structure of the apartment may be covered but your contents may not be. 

Please see our household policy document for more detail.

*Minimum premium contents €86.10 applies.
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