Allianz Plc Privacy Notice for Visitors and Contractors

1. Introduction

1.1. This notice is for all contractors and visitors who work and visit Allianz Plc. It explains the purposes for which we hold information about you (your personal data). 

2. What data does Allianz Plc collect and why? 

2.1. Access Control System – If you are issued with an ID card we will collect the following information: 

- Contractors – Company name, your name and times swiped in and out of the building. 

- Visitors – Name, Company name (if applicable) and times swiped in and out of the building. 

The collected data will be used for recording and controlling access into the Allianz Plc building. 

2.2. Visitors Register We maintain a register of visitors which includes visitors, contractors, and external hire participants. For this register we will collect and keep your personal data such as names and company/institution details. This information is collected for health and safety and security purposes. 

We will collect and retain your personal data when you visit our offices in the following ways: 

- Visitors registers at various entrance receptions 

- External Contractors register 

- External Hire register 

- Key and Equipment issued register 

- Police/customs/home office warrant card 

The vehicle register of pertaining to visitors, which includes visitors, contractors, and external hire participants, will be collected at the parking area.

2.3. Accidents and Incidents Reporting Allianz Plc will collect personal data from the injured party or person suffering from ill health, such as, Name, Address, Age, next of kin, details of the incident to include any relevant medical history. The data is collected as Allianz Plc has a legal duty to document workplace incidents/accidents and to report certain types of accidents, injuries and dangerous occurrences arising out of its work activity to the relevant enforcing authority. Incidents and accidents will be investigated to establish what lessons can be learned to prevent such incidents/accidents re-occurring including introduction of additional safeguards, procedures, information instruction and training, or any combination of these.. The information is also retained in the event of any claims for damages. 

3. CCTV 

3.1. Will take images of people in and around the building. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is installed at strategic locations around the building to provide a safe and secure learning environment in all buildings as a part of Allianz Plc’s commitment to community safety, security and crime prevention.

3.2. The CCTV in Allianz Plc is operated by an external third party company, Bidvest Noonan, who remotely monitors the CCTV and have a PSA License to cover this in compliance with GDPR. Bidvest Noonan’s head office is situated at Unit 3, Swords Business Park, Mountgorry, Swords, Co. Dublin, K67 X971, Ireland. 

3.3. CCTV footage in Allianz Plc is used for the following purposes, as a viewing access barrier, monitoring the perimeter of the building in the case of intruder alarm, monitoring reception areas and basement lift lobbies, for monitoring electrical switch rooms, for monitoring the generator room, for monitoring the access of the bin stores, to deter crime and anti-social behaviour, to assist in the investigation, detection, and prosecution of offences, to monitor areas in which cash and/or goods are handled, to deter bullying and/or harassment and for monitoring comms rooms. In each of these areas you will find signs indicating that you are being monitored by CCTV footage. CCTV footage is stored for 31 days.

4. Data Subject Rights

4.1. Allianz acknowledges and respects the rights of Data Subjects. Allianz shall implement the necessary means to ensure that Data Subjects are able to exercise the rights mentioned below, taking into account the relevant Data Protection Legislation. The GDPR provides the following rights for individuals: 

- Right to be Informed

- Right to Access

- Right to Rectification/Erasure

- Right to Restriction 

- Right to Data Portability 

- Right to Object 

- Right to Automated Decision-Making

- Right to Complain to the Supervisory Data Protection Authority: The Data Protection Commissioner.

6. Retention Period: We keep all  documents for as long as necessary for the purposes above and in compliance with the current legal requirements in place. 

7. Legal basis for processing 

The legal basis for processing is legitimate interests for Access Control, CCTV and Visitor Register because It is in Allianz Plc’s legitimate interests to ensure that there is a safe environment for work and visitors accessing facilities. 

8. Contact Details

If you have any further details on how Allianz Plc use your Personal Data please do not hesitate to contact us further: Data Protection Officer: Allianz Plc, Allianz House, Elm Park, Merrion Road, Dublin 4, D04 Y6Y6 OR