Allianz Car Insurance Assumptions

Your quote will be based on the following assumptions:

You and other drivers

  • Have not been convicted of any motoring offence or have any motor prosecution pending (other than convictions*) within the past 5 years
  • Have not been convicted of any non motoring criminal offence or have any prosecution pending (other than spent convictions*)

*Any convictions spent under the Criminal Justice (Spent Convictions and Certain Disclosures) Act 2016 do not need to be disclosed. Further information on spent convictions is available on or you can check with your local Garda station if your conviction is considered spent under the Criminal Justice Act 2016.

  • Have not been refused motor insurance or been declined as a driver on a motor policy within the past 5 years.
  • Have not had any motor policy cancelled by an insurer within the past 5 years or had any special conditions or extra premiums imposed.
  • If applicable, have advised the relevant Driver Licence authority of any mental or physical medical condition that exists and have subsequently been issued a licence to drive.

Your Car 

  • Is owned by you and you are the main driver
  • Is registered in your name in the Republic of Ireland
  • Is normally parked at your home address
  • Has not been modified or adapted from the maker's standard specification other than a modification due to a disability.
  • Is not left hand drive
  • Is not a car vanette or kit car.
  • Value is less than EUR 130,000

Your Insurance History

  • Your No Claims Bonus was earned on your car insurance policy.
  • Your No Claims Bonus is not in use on any other active policy. (You earn a no-claims bonus on each car you insure. If you insure more than one car, the same No Claims bonus cannot be used again.)
  • If you have selected Named Driving Experience, it must be earned on a car insurance policy and must be within the last 2 years, without any gaps in cover. 


Your Quote

  • is based on the quote creation date

If you are unable to meet the Eligibility criteria please contact us at  01 448 48 48.