Pupil Personal Accident FAQs

Our most Frequently Asked Questions about Allianz Schools Insurance.

Pupil Personal Accident

  • Pupil Personal Accident Insurance provides cover in respect of the Medical and Dental expenses resulting from an accident regardless of blame. Your Schools Public Liability insurance protects the Legal Liabilities of the School and its Board of Management following an accident or injury.
  • For a claimant / injured party to be successful they will have to take legal action against the School and prove the School were negligent in their duty of care.
  • Option A covers all Pupils on the School roll and the cover selected (Schools activities only or 24hr) must be consistent for all.
  • Option B is chosen when not all pupils are taking out the cover and or the School wish for some pupils to take out 24hr cover and some School activities only.
All medical & dental expenses up to €50,000 for each are covered, including G.P. visits, prescriptions, hospital costs etc. However, out of pocket expenses such as parents travel and food expenses are not covered.

    No claims excess meaning the parents/Guardians can claim all Medical and / or Dental expenses following an accident up to a limit of €50,000 for each.

Yes, once the pupil has been referred to the physio by a qualified medical practitioner (who is not a member of School staff) and the injury is as a result of an accident caused by violent visible external means.
Having a Pupil Personal Accident Policy reduces the possibility of legal action being taken against your school by providing parents / guardians with a facility to claim their out of pocket medical and dental expenses. Allianz high core benefit limits, no time limit guarantee and no excess, provide the best chance for parents / guardians to recover all of their Medical and / or Dental expenses.
If a parent / guardian has a medical card or Private Health Insurance Policy, they must claim through that source first. If they are not entitled to claim under that source or all of their medical / dental costs are not covered, they can claim the balance under the Allianz Pupil Personal Accident Insurance.

Online  here  . It is very easy to apply online and Schools can avail of a 20% premium reduction*. The process is very quick and easy and we do not require any names, only the number of pupils and the cover required.

*Schools may retain 20% premium reduction at parents discretion.