Third Parties FAQs

Our most Frequently Asked Questions about Allianz Schools Insurance.
  • Yes. Any outside group using the School must have the necessary insurance in place. This could include after School homework club run by a member of staff, use of hall for leisure activities or committee member meetings.

* Public Liability - A minimum Limit of Indemnity of €2.600,000 must apply; depending on the activities of the outside group, a Limit of Indemnity of €6,500,000 may be required.

* Employers Liability – If the outside group have any Employees, they will also require Employers Liability Insurance with a Limit of Indemnity of €13,000,000.

A copy of the outside group’s proof of insurance (indemnity letter) should be kept on file for record purposes and a revised copy supplied annually.

  • This depends on the activities being organised by the parents association.
  • If the parents association restrict their activities to meetings and assisting in activities organised by and under the control of the schools Board of Management, cover can be provided under the Custodian School Protection Policy.
  • If Parents Associations organise their own activities such as fund raisers for the school, which are not run by the schools Board of Management, they will require their own public liability insurance.