Keeping your home cool in summer - Allianz Ireland


The longer, brighter days are here and we’re all ready for the rain to stop and that summer sunshine to arrive. Although you may not think it, the hot weather can have an effect on you and your home. In order to make that heat we’re longing for a bit more bearable, we’ve put together a few simple tips to keep your home cool this summer.   

Keep blinds and curtains closed

It may seem very simple, but this is most likely to have the greatest effect on the heat in your home. By keeping your blinds down and your curtains pulled during the warmest parts of the day, you can help to lower the temperatures in your home considerably. When the sun shines on your windows it essentially turns your home into a greenhouse, meaning there will be a level of unwanted heat coming through.

Open windows at both ends of your home

In the middle of a hot summer’s day, opening windows at both ends of your home can help create a cool air flow to help make your home that bit more comfortable. This is known as cross-ventilation and can majorly affect the internal temperature in your home. And while you may think it makes sense to keep as many doors open as possible to help this air flow, it can be more of a hindrance. Try keeping doors of the rooms that you aren’t using closed to maximise the benefit of the cool air in the rooms you’re spending time in.

Plug out appliances

Not only can heat originate from outside of your home during a heatwave or a spell of warm weather, but it can also come from inside your home in the form of electrical devices and appliances. Devices such as TVs, microwaves, and toasters all release varying degrees of heat, only adding to the warm temperatures in your home. Plug any devices out when not in use.

You should also be aware of using your oven or stove; cooking a meal during the coolest part of the day is advisable. The same goes for using your dryer for clothes. If you can, it might be the perfect time to pull out your barbecue or hang your clothes on the washing line to dry.

Leave your windows open at night

Some people may find it harder to sleep in the heat, especially when the air becomes stuffy. Take advantage of a drop in temperatures at night by opening windows on upper floors once the sun goes down, or when getting ready for bed. For added safety, make sure your alarm is on when leaving windows open overnight.

With a few small changes, you have the potential for a much more comfortable summer ahead.


This guidance is for general information purposes only.