Global Mental Health Day 2022 - Three tips form Allianz athletes on mental well-being

October 2022

What does it take to set a new focus in your professional or personal life? How do you prepare for challenging situations? And how do you avoid stress while handling many topics at once? Your job and your private commitments both demand us to be mentally strong while striving for success.

The fact that mental well-being is a key success factor is also proven in the world of sport. To be focused and confident can make the difference between success and failure. At Allianz, we have colleagues who are experienced in dealing with mental challenges in both the business and competitive sports environments. As the Worldwide Insurance Partner of the Olympic & Paralympic Movements we believe in the power of sports to make a better tomorrow, we asked them for their advice.

It's Global Mental Health Day

In line with today’s Global Mental Health Day, three of our athlete employees are sharing their experiences and tips on how to deal with situations in which mental well-being is critical. Acknowledging the increasing importance of mental well-being,  today we are aiming to inspire, educate and support our employees by raising awareness. Taking care of, but also preparing ourselves for, what is ahead, is at the heart of Allianz’s promise: “We care for tomorrow”.
Three colleagues from various Allianz entities tell us about the mental health challenges they faced during their days as an Olympian, Paralympian or competitive athlete. Whether it was refocusing, gaining confidence or preparing for mental health challenges. What did they learn and how can they apply their experiences in the work context at Allianz? Find out what their mental well-being advice is for you! 

Georg Kreiter is a former Paralympic mono skier and works for Allianz Deutschland as a graphic designer. Following a serious motorcycle accident at the age of 17, Georg was left paralysed from the waist downwards. In the video, Georg shares the challenges he faced and how he succeeded in refocusing twice: becoming a successful Para athlete who participated twice at the Paralympic Games and, after ending his sports career, transitioning to a career at Allianz.

“If you are mentally balanced and content with what you have and don't always strive for something even greater, then you can achieve a sense of well-being that is simply much more important than any material things.” - Georg Kreiter 

In this episode, former Dutch Olympic sailor and Allianz Benelux brand ambassador, Lobke Berkhout, shares her success story with us. Despite Lobke having to deal with the great disappointment of not winning an Olympic gold medal - which was always her aim -, she never lost confidence. Her mental well-being advice?

“My one mental well-being advice is to free up time to be outside in nature in the element. This gives me the right relaxation to create new ideas and a fresh focus on things coming.” - Lobke Berkhout

Anja Habermacher, a competitive dancer and  Business Analyst at Allianz Trade, talks about how to prepare for mental challenges. She shares her methods of avoiding stress which help her to balance a professional athlete career with a business career.

“I take confidence from knowing the deep reasons why I do things because it makes decisions easier.” - Anja Habermacher 


With this brief Mental Well-being Coaching Series and by being the Worldwide Insurance Partner of the Olympic & Paralympic Movements, we aim to leverage the power of sport to play a role in contributing to a better and healthier tomorrow for our customers and employees!

Let’s keep moving!