Personal Accident Cover Explained

When buying Motor insurance you may be offered Personal Accident cover as an optional extra. But what does this mean? Don’t worry! We’re here to help you fully understand what is protected by Personal Accident cover so you can decide if you wish to add it to your motor policy or not.

What is Personal Accident cover?

Personal Accident cover is designed to protect you if you have an accident where you suffer serious bodily injury or in the event of death. Although it’s not a nice thing to think about, unforeseen accidents do happen and could cost you a significant amount in medical bills.

If you have Personal Accident cover, it pays a fixed sum in the event that an insured driver is killed or seriously injured as a result of an accident.

Where Personal Accident cover has been purchased as an additional benefit on a Car insurance policy, the accident in question must have been in connection with use of the insured car.

Cover will vary between policies on sums to be paid and on how benefits are defined. The Allianz Car insurance policy pays the sum of €13,000 in respect of any of the following suffered by an insured driver or any other occupant of the insured car as a result of an accident involving the insured car:

·         Death;

·         Complete and permanent loss of sight of one or both eyes;

·         Loss by severance of one or more limbs at or above the ankle or wrist;

·         Permanent total disablement, meaning inability to perform or attend to any business, profession or occupation.

The cover also includes benefits for temporary total disablement which is €60 per week for up to 50 weeks and for medical, surgical and hospital fees which is €130 per week for up to 10 weeks.

How much does Personal Accident cover cost?

It costs an extra €8.40 per year to include Personal Accident cover on your Allianz Car insurance policy.

What is not covered?

The driver of the insured car must be covered under the motor insurance policy to drive the car. Otherwise there is no cover.

There is no cover where the driver of the insured car is found to have been under the influence of drink or drugs at the time of the accident.

The cover applies to accidents. There is no cover in the event of an incident that was not accidental. Without wanting to be morose, there is no cover where an incident was deliberately caused, including suicide or attempted suicide.

Why should you consider buying Personal Accident cover?

If you are involved in a road accident that is not your fault then you should be able to claim for injury and loss of earnings from the ‘at fault’ party. However, if you are found to be legally liable then you have no access to compensation. If that’s not a chance you a willing to take, it makes sense for you to choose Personal Accident cover as part of your policy.

Personal Accident cover provides the certainty that defined fixed sums will be paid in the event of death or serious injury to an insured person. Those fixed sums can go some way to covering medical expenses and/or loss of earnings.


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