Allianz Secondary School Risk Assessment Booklet


We often get questions regarding how often a safety statement has to be updated or when do schools have to do risk assessments and what to look out for. The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) advises that this should be done on an annual basis or indeed as and when there are changes to your business/workplace. Schools will have their own routine for when risk assessments are to be done. In order to support schools and try ease the burden Allianz have created a secondary school risk assessment booklet, see below. This includes visuals of common risks that occur in the main areas of secondary schools such as classrooms, specialist rooms, PE halls and others. This booklet can be shared with individual staff that may be undertaking risk assessments in their own area and there are also some additional tips regarding documenting your risk assessments.

As always, feel free to contact your Local Allianz Representative if you have any queries or need our assistance.