Allianz Hot Topic – Schools Getting Winter Ready

By Martin McKeogh | December 2021


Storm Barra has been and gone, and behind him left his fair share of damage. Depending where you are in the country you have will have felt Barra to varying degrees. One thing for sure though is that Barra isn’t the last storm or “Weather Bomb” we’ll encounter this winter. As busy as schools are right now, we’re sure the thought of dealing with damaged property and a school classroom or building that is unable to be used for a number of weeks is the stuff of nightmares for school leaders. 


While we can’t claim to know how to prevent every claim, we definitely has identified ways to prevent some claims and reduce the potential damage in many more. Have a look at our short video below for some simple steps to follow before your well-earned Christmas break, and let’s hope you’ll have a few less things to worry about. We have even created a little checklist to help you that bit more, click here.


As always, feel free to contact your Local Allianz Representative if you have any queries or need our assistance.