Allianz Secondary School Risk Assessments Aid


As the largest school insurer in Ireland, Allianz has experienced all types of claims in the school sector, and we are in a good position to understand why claims happen. Furthermore we often get questions regarding how often a safety statement has to be updated or when do schools have to do risk assessments. The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) advises that this should be done on an annual basis or indeed as and when there are changes to your business/workplace including school settings. This can be when there is a significant change to the building itself, the school environment, the school personnel, school activities etc. So there’s no wrong time to look at health and safety, and it is important to make it a priority. 

In order to support schools and try ease the burden, Allianz have created a series of helpful videos below detailing common hazards that have led to claims over the years. We have also created this helpful PDF, dummy Allianz Secondary School Risk Assessment, which includes all the information from the videos and additional tips regarding documenting your risk assessments. 

As always, feel free to contact your Local Allianz Representative if you have any queries or need our assistance. 

Risk Assessment: Classroom


Risk Assessment: Staffroom & Office Area


Risk Assessment: Sports Hall & Corridors 


Risk Assessment: School Grounds 


Risk Assessment: Science Room



Risk Assessment: Woodwork/Engineering Room


Risk Assessment: Art Room