In Loco Parentis - Administration of Medicine

by Martin McKeogh | 1 min read     May 6th, 2021

In loco parentis…….there’s a Roman term for everything! To be fair this is probably one of the more well-known terms, especially for those involved in the educational sector. Essentially it is a short way of explaining the responsibility of a teacher and school in place of a parent when their child is in school. Teachers and SNAs, and by default the school, take responsibility for the child including their physical safety.

Teaching has often been said to be a vocation rather than a job, with a natural instinct to care for and nurture pupils. Teaching pupils what is in the books and setting homework assignments is no longer the overwhelming pillar of education, while obviously still hugely important. Schools see the importance of a holistic approach to their pupils. Social skills, physical well-being, emotional understanding and so much more are gaining importance year on year within the education system. However, there are times where lines can be blurred and uncertainty regarding the role of a teacher/SNA can develop.

One such area involves the administration of medication. We’ve seen these issues crop up time and again, and have answered some of the most common queries regarding this topic such as

  • Are individuals legally liable when undertaking administration of medicine duties?
  • How can a school ensure that the medical needs of their pupils are catered for while simultaneously ensuring their staff are comfortable and confident with the process despite not being medically qualified?
  • Can schools agree to undertake Complex/Intimate medical care needs?

Please see the attachment below for full details.

If you wish to discuss any issues in particular please feel free to contact our School support team on 01 6133966* (Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm) or . As always you can also contact your local Allianz representation to discuss, see HERE for details. If you are insured through an insurance intermediary then please contact them directly for assistance.

*Calls may be recorded. 

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Martin McKeogh
Martin is the Allianz Local Representative for the South and has been in the role almost two years now. In over 10 years with Allianz, he has worked in claims and bancassurance sectors.