Protecting your School Property during holiday periods

by Martin McKeogh | 4 min read

May 25th, 2021

Summer break is within touching distance for primary schools, while the school doors are almost swinging in the wind already in the secondary school world. Has a summer break ever been wanted and needed as much!

With school corridors and yards soon to be deserted, there can be a misconception that this is the time of year when school property is least at risk. Obviously from a liability perspective that is true with staff and pupils not present. However summer holidays, and holiday periods in general, lead to schools being the target for motiveless destruction. We have seen a really significant increase in the number of schools contacting us with trespassing issues in the past year.

It is important for the school to pay attention to both internal and external security to ensure adequate protection when your school is closed.

The most common claims include:

School security protection falls into three categories, physical security, electronic security and general maintenance/housekeeping.

Physical security:

Electronic security:

General Maintenance/Housekeeping:

Sometimes it can be the smallest or most basic of things that cause the most damage; carelessness is often a contributory factor to losses.  Some examples are:

You don’t want to give any unwanted guest a reason to enter the school grounds. It is commonly known that neglected or poorly secured buildings are more prone to vandalism, theft, and arson. We recommend you review security arrangements in order to better protect school property. The implementation of a security statement or checklist will allow the school focus on the important issues coming up to school holidays and give greater peace of mind when your school is closed. Further information is available in our “Guide to Insurance Safety and Security in the School” booklet .

In addition, trespassing has increased considerably during the restrictions. While the trespassing most schools are experiencing may not be sinister in nature and may simply seem like locals using facilities and playgrounds, you should bear in mind that it is bringing increased exposure to your school. Property Owners still owe a duty of care to trespassers, therefore any trespasser injured on the school premises could take a legal action against the school.

There are some simple steps your school can take to discourage such activity. We recommend:

If you wish to discuss any issues in particular please feel free to contact our School support team on 01 6133966* (Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm) or through As always you can also contact your Local Allianz Representative to discuss. If you are insured through an insurance intermediary then please contact them directly for assistance.

*Calls may be recorded.

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