July 2023


Most first-time drivers are eager for the freedom and privilege that comes with getting out on the road, but organising car insurance for young drivers can sometimes be confusing, and let’s face it, costly too. High-risk factors, limited driving experience and lack of previous insurance can push the price of premiums up.

However, if you are a parent of a young driver, there are a number of ways Allianz can help get them on the road.

Adding them to your policy

If you have an active car insurance policy with Allianz, you can add your son/daughter to your policy as a named driver. Once they’re at least seventeen years old and hold a valid learner permit or driving licence.

Adding them as a named driver to your car insurance is an easy, cost-effective way of getting a young driver on the road. However, as you’re the policy owner you must remain the main driver and owner of the car.  While your insurance premium will likely increase, it is a beneficial way for them to gain driving experience for when they go to purchase their own car and car insurance. It’s simple to add a named driver to your existing Allianz insurance policy with MyAllianz, login now.

Getting insurance in their own name.

If they have full time use of their own car, then they need an insurance policy to match. At Allianz, we are very happy to insure young drivers on their own car insurance policy too. This way, they can build  up a no claims bonus with us, which will stand to them when they go to renew their insurance each year. You can get a quick insurance quote for a new policy at  Allianz.ie with 15% off new policies online.*

*Minimum premium of €284 applies.

What if they hold a learner permit?

You can still add your young driver to your policy even if they hold a learner permit or if they have their own car, they can take out their own policy once they meet the criteria. However, in order for the insurance cover to be valid, whilst driving with a learner permit they must be accompanied by someone who has held a full driving licence for a continuous period of 2 years.

Insurance companies have the right to reject a claim if the young driver is unaccompanied or is accompanied by someone who doesn’t meet the above criteria, so it’s important that they obey the conditions of their licence.

Allianz has car insurance options to help get your young driver on the road, be it adding them to your policy as a named driver or taking out their own policy with flexible cover they can tailor to their needs. Visit Allianz.ie for more information.


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