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Personal Accident cover on car insurance can provide compensation for death or serious injury suffered by the driver and occupants as a result of a motor accident they are responsible for.

Many assume that Personal Accident cover is automatically included as part of their car insurance policy but this isn’t always the case, even with Comprehensive cover.

Third Party or Third Party Fire & Theft cover alone will only compensate the other parties (including passengers of the insured) involved in the accident, whether this is for damage to their vehicle or injuries they sustain. The insured driver will not be compensated for injuries that they sustain or in the event of death.

Comprehensive cover alone will usually only compensate the insured driver for damage to their vehicle and not injury or death.

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This is why it’s important to check your policy schedule to see if you purchased Personal Accident cover.

With Allianz, Personal Accident cover is available as an optional extra with either Third Party Fire & Theft or Comprehensive policies. If selected, Personal Accident cover could compensate the policy holder who suffers serious bodily injury or death by accidental means whilst driving*.

Under the terms of the policy serious bodily injury includes loss of sight, loss of limb above the wrist or ankle, permanent total disablement, temporary total disablement (payable up to 50 weeks) and medical, surgical and hospital fees (payable up to 10 weeks).

Although it’s not a nice thing to think about, you should consider the possibility that you as a driver could suffer serious injury in a motor accident which results in significant medical bills to be paid by you directly. If that’s a chance you’re not willing to take, it makes sense to choose Personal Accident cover as part of your policy.

If you would like to know about Personal Accident cover give us a call on 01 448 48 48 and one of our customer service representatives will be delighted to help**.

*Cover is subject to a valid claim. In the event of death payment is made to the estate of the insured.

**Please note that if you add Personal Accident cover to your policy before your renewal a mid-term adjustment fee may need to be applied and that an additional Premium applies for this cover.

Acceptance criteria, terms and conditions apply. Please refer to the car insurance policy document for full information.

Information correct as of 14/07/2017. Calls may be recorded.

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