Brexit and Green Cards FAQs

Our most Frequently Asked Questions about Allianz Van Insurance Brexit and Green Cards
  • Brexit will have no impact on your van insurance. Your valid Irish insurance disc will be accepted and recognised as proof of insurance if you’re driving in the UK and/or Northern Ireland. 
  • If you have a valid Irish insurance disc it will act as a proof of insurance when driving an Irish registered vehicle in the UK, including Northern Ireland. A Green Card is no longer required.

  • Allianz will supply you with a Green Card at no additional cost if you wish to have one issued to you.


    You can order a Green Card by accessing MYALLIANZ , or by completing a form which is available HERE .


  • Please allow a week for your green card to be posted out to you.

  • Valid Green Cards will also be accepted by the legal authorities in the UK, including Northern Ireland, as proof of valid insurance cover. However, anyone with an Irish registered vehicle who has a valid Irish insurance disc will not require a Green Card.
  • For anyone who does intend to use their Green Card as proof of insurance cover, it is important to note that Green Cards are associated with specific van insurance policies and are specific to individual vehicles. Therefore, they expire at the same time as the policy that was in place when the Green Card was issued.
  • If you renewed your van insurance policy or changed your van since you received your Green Card from us then it may no longer be valid. You should check the expiry date and details listed on your Green Card
  • No, you do not need a Green Card to drive in any country within the EU

  • You may require a Green Card for certain types of trailers. Please contact us through MyAllianz and provide us with the details of your trailer so we can issue a Green Card for you.