As part of our commitment to sustainability we want to work alongside organisations to make a meaningful difference for society and the communities we are part of. Protection is at the core of insurance and we feel that applying that lens of protection to potential issues that often arise within the home is a fitting extension of our remit, to secure people’s futures and give them courage for what's ahead, no matter what. We want to provide that hope for the 1 in 4 women across the country impacted by domestic abuse.

That’s why we are extremely proud to be partnering for the next three years with Women’s Aid, a leading national charitable organisation working to stop domestic violence against women and children in Ireland since 1974.

Nothing will ever match the amazing courage and resilience of women living with domestic violence, and the journey they’ve been on. With our awareness campaign “The World’s Strongest Women” we want to pay tribute to these courageous women and inspire others that there is a way out, giving them hope for the future by empowering them to ask for help from Women’s Aid. 

At the heart of this campaign, sits the powerful comparison between the world of physical strength that we are all familiar with, which is often portrayed as the only type of strength, versus the strength of the many women out there who are impacted by and living through domestic abuse.

It is also designed to start a conversation with everyone, as families, friends and colleagues must be encouraged to take the initiative to support victims of domestic abuse and to call out abusive behaviour.

The story focuses on four women who showcase real strength in the face of domestic abuse. Watch now.

If you are a women experiencing domestic abuse, or you are concerned on behalf of someone else, please contact Women's Aid’s National Freephone Helpline on 1800 341 900 which operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and provides support and information to callers experiencing abuse.

If you are a man experiencing domestic abuse there are also services available. Please contact the National Male Advice Line on 1800 816 588.