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Windscreen Claims - Infographic

At Allianz we deal with lots of windscreen claims. Together with our partners Autoglass we looked at some interesting stats on windscreen damage. We explored the most common causes of windscreen damage in 2016 and where your car is most likely to be damaged.

The results proved to be interesting. Not surprisingly, front windscreen damage is the largest type of damage we see. Similarly, stone damage is the biggest cause of damage, 78%. Rather interestingly, we found that there was a small but still rather note worthy amount of animal related damage to windscreens with 0.3% of all reported incidents being caused by animal...

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NCT, Breakdowns, Accidents and Penalty Points

Ensuring your car is in full working order is vitally important. Defective motor vehicles have a higher risk of breaking down and being involved in accidents. We took a look at the 2015 National Car Test stats and our own Breakdown stats.

NCT Fails

2015 saw an increase in National Car Tests taking place, this seems to have occurred following the announcement in late 2014 by the Minster for Transport that driving a vehicle without a valid NCT cert would become a penalty point offence. 1.49 million cars were tested in 2015, the highest amount to date. Half of the cars tested did, however, fail the NCT according to the Road Safety ...

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36,312 Feet and Climbing!

Team Allianz have reached the summit of Everest and they’re not stopping there!

This Friday Team Allianz will undertake the 4 Peaks Challenge in aid of the Alzheimer Society of Ireland climbing the 4 highest peaks in Connacht, Munster, Leinster and Ulster.

Our team has been fund raising and training incredibly hard over the last few weeks and their combined efforts mean they have already passed the equivalent height of the summit of Mt. Everest (29,029ft). Not only are they climbing high, they have hiked over 400km and raised an amazing €22,200 for the Alzheimer Society of Ireland.

4 Peaks Team

The aim of the 4 Peaks Challenge is to...

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Your Vehicle and Your Car Insurance Premium

We look at the role your vehicle has in determining your insurance premium.

The vehicle you drive is the subject of your insurance. It plays a really important part in the make up of your premium. At Allianz, our Underwriters use the Group Rating System as an important part of premium calculation as well as our Claims experience along with a number of other aspects.

What is The Group Rating System?

When calculating motor insurance a number of factors come into play. A guide that insurance companies use in order to help calculate motor insurance premiums is called the Group Rating System.

The Group Rating System helps insu...

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Bank Holiday Survival Guide

Bank holiday driving

Woohoo, it’s the June bank holiday weekend, and that means Summer is about to begin. Bank holidays are a great excuse to hit the road and take a break from the norm, and many of us in Ireland do just that. We pack the car with all our things and the people we love and head off looking for adventure. But as fun as a three-day-weekend is, the problem for most is that everybody seems to get in their vehicles and leave at the same time. That means, from early afternoon on the Friday before a bank holiday there is a mass exodus and the roads become congested very quickly.

But just because everybody has the same bank holiday...

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Keeping Your Home Safe While You Are on Holiday

When you leave you home, whether it is for a quick weekend getaway or a 3 month exploration, you should always take some basic safety precautions to keep your home as safe as possible. Here are some steps you should take before leaving home on any trip.

Make Your Home Appear Occupied

There are a number of ways to make your home appear occupied while you are away. One of the simplest is to leave a key with a trusted neighbour. They could make sure grass stays cut or periodically turn on and off different lights around the house. Very little says that a house is empty more than darkness. A house remaining in complete dark...

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