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What Does Renter’s Insurance Cover?

Starting at €10* (essentially the price of a Spotify subscription), you can insure yourself and your belongings in your apartment. But it might seem a little overwhelming when trying to figure out exactly what you are (and aren’t) protected against. So what, exactly, does renters insurance cover? We’re here to help break it down.

What Does Basic Renters Insurance Cover?

The standard level of cover, “The Basics”, starts at just €10 per month*, and will provide cover in the following scenarios for up to the value of your contents insured:

Theft & BurglaryYour policy will cover your possessions if they are damaged, destroye...

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Glossary of Insurance Terms

At Allianz, we realise that insurance can sometimes be complicated. This is why we've created this Glossary of Terms where insurance terminology is simplified and explained for you.

Principles of Insurance

Your policy of insurance is a contract. You pay the agreed premium. In return your insurer provides the insurance cover for a defined period of time.

The Principles of Insurance are basic rules which apply to insurance contracts. They include the following:

No Claims BonusA No Claims Bonus is measured in years. It is a count of the number of years that you have not made a claim on your car, van, home, or contents insura...

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91% of Irish Renters Do Not Have Home Insurance

Nationwide research from Allianz reveals:

  • Only 9% of Irish renters have home insurance
  • 65% of Irish renters do not fully understand this type of insurance, exposing them to potentially serious loss in the event of theft, fire, flooding, or a visitor’s injury
  • Allianz to launch dedicated Renter’s Insurance application to protect tenants nationwide starting at €10 per month
  • Renters can insure their contents and liability and if a visitor is injured at their property
  • If you have expensive jewellery, bike, clothing, etc. these can be covered as an optional extra
  • Find out more about Allianz Renter’s Insurance

Nationwide research f...

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Alice Flynn: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

The first event entitled “Overcoming Imposter Syndrome” in the Executive Institute’s Women in Leadership series looks at how to address feelings of self doubt and inadequacy that can affect even established managers in the workplace. Ahead of the event, supported by Allianz, we sat down with our own Enterprise Sales Manager Alice Flynn to reflect on how imposter syndrome can strike even after years of experience in the field.

Imposter Syndrome: A thought pattern of self-doubt over one’s accomplishments, leading to an internal fear of being exposed as a “fraud”, particularly in a work setting.


AC: Looking back on your c...

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Renters, Landlords, Owners: Insurance for Apartments

Perhaps you own and live in your apartment; perhaps you rent an apartment; or maybe you are a landlord and rent out your apartment. In each case, you have some particular issues and risk exposures to consider in relation to your insurance needs. We will take a look at some of those as they relate to Allianz home insurance products.


If You Are an Owner Occupier

What Cover Do I Need?

If you both own and live in your apartment your insurance needs are fundamentally the same as any other home owner, meaning you need home insurance, covering both:

  1. Building(s)
  2. Contents

It may be the case that insurance cover is already arranged ...

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Supporting Your Aging or Ill Pet: Hospice and Palliative Care

It can be a difficult to talk about death, but this can leave pet owners unprepared to face the reality of a dying pet. Some vets internationally are now providing a service similar to Hospice in humans called Animal Hospice. Immediate euthanasia is no longer the only option. Animal Hospice can fill the gap between the time of receiving a diagnosis of terminal illness or old age decline, and death. It provides support up until the natural death or euthanasia of your pet.

What is Animal Hospice

Animal hospice is support and care for dying pets and their families. The service helps the pet to live the remainder of its lif...

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