Are the items you really care about insured & (outside)?

by Melanie May | 2 min read    September 13th, 2021

Most of us have belongings that we want to keep safe. For example, the laptop that you need for college or work, the jewellery that your nan gave you, your mobile phone, your ‘proper’ camera and your treasured sneaker/shoe/handbag collection. When these ‘personal effects’ are in your home, they can be protected by your Home Insurance. You do have Home Insurance, right? 

Say, for example, if your home was burgled and your wallet, handbag, tablet and gaming equipment was stolen, your home and contents insurance should cover the items — depending on your policy of course.

Examples of Personal Effects covered under Allianz Home Insurance include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Clothes
  • Wallets/Purses
  • Handbags (including its content e.g. makeup or perfume, but excluding documents)
  • Jewellery (including smartwatches like Fitbit)
  • Mobile phones
  • Mp3 players (e.g. iPod, portable speakers)
  • Headphones (e.g. AirPods, Beats)
  • Laptops (including tablets e.g. iPad, Kindle)
  • Cameras (e.g. DSLR, GoPro; including lenses and accessories)

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But what happens if your belongings are stolen when you take them with you outside of your home? Well, that’s where Personal Possessions Cover comes in handy.

What is Personal Possessions Cover?

Your Home and Contents Insurance doesn’t automatically cover your items if you take them outside. This is why you should consider Personal Possessions Cover, an optional extension of cover under your Home Insurance policy. It protects your much-loved belongings against loss, accidental damage or theft when they are away from your home. This is why this type of cover is sometimes known as ‘Contents Away From The Home’.

Allianz All Risks Cover

When you take out an Allianz Home Insurance policy, you have the option of taking out All Risks additional cover. This means your valuables are covered not just when you take them outside your home, but also if they are lost, damaged or stolen from your securely locked car. It also covers your items, for up to 60 days, if you take them abroad. Terrific news for avid travellers.

All Risks cover also extends to sports equipment, bicycles and personal money — as specified in your insurance schedule. For full details of covers, exclusions, terms, conditions and limitations please refer to the Household Policy document.

What is not included under Personal Possessions Cover?

  • Wear and tear — damage over time by general use
  • Mechanical and electrical breakdowns — damage by a mechanical or electrical fault
  • Unattended items — e.g. sports or camping equipment left unattended
  • Unlocked items — e.g. bicycles and items from vehicles 
  • Unconcealed items— e.g. items on display or not hidden from view in vehicles
  • Loss or damage to camping equipment while in use
  • Loss or damage to sports equipment while in use
  • Business equipment like tools
  • Documents of any kind

How much Personal Possessions Cover do I need?

Allianz Home Insurance offers two types of All Risks Cover:

Unspecified All Risks Cover: this option allows you to select a total amount (€2,000-€12,000) that your personal possessions will be covered for each year.* 

When choosing this, ask yourself how much cover you need? For example, when you leave the house, if you only ever take your camera worth €1000, your watch worth €500 and your phone worth €1000, then consider selecting an insured sum of €3,000. However, don’t forget to include things like glasses, clothes, hearing aids and wallets/purses.

*The maximum amount payable is €2,000 for any one item in any one Period of Insurance.

Specified All Risks Cover: this gives you the option of listing more valuable items individually, such as sports equipment, jewellery and musical instruments. Each item is covered for the amount that you choose, up to a maximum of €10,000 per item.

How can I get a quote for Personal Possessions Cover?

Personal Possession Cover is an optional add-on for Allianz Home Insurance policies. We’ve made this part super quick and easy. For the best price, get an Allianz Homeowners Insurance quote online and save 20% on a new policy. However, if you’d like to speak with us, we can talk through your requirements over the phone. Just give us a call on 01 448 4848 and we’ll give you a quote in minutes.

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