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by Melanie May | 4 min read   January 15th, 2021

A dead battery, a stalled engine, a flat tyre… There’s nothing worse than car trouble, especially in the winter on frigid mornings and dark nights.

Picture the scene, it’s Monday, you are running late, rain is pouring down. Turning the key in the ignition, the car doesn’t grumble to life like it usually does. You try it again, and again. Still, nothing. The car is kaput. 

Or worse still, you could have a car-related emergency whilst on the road, far away from home and stuck without any help.

But fear not, we are here to protect you and your vehicle with our comprehensive Breakdown Assistance cover. Breakdown Assistance gives you peace of mind that, should something happen, our roadside recovery experts will be on hand to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

What is Breakdown Assistance?

Breakdown Assistance, also called roadside cover or breakdown cover, is a type of insurance that can help you get back on the road if your vehicle breaks down. 

If you have Allianz Breakdown Assistance, we send out a repairer/towing professional to you at the breakdown site, be that the roadside or at your home. We’ll do our best to have you back on the road as quickly, and hassle-free, as possible.

Allianz Breakdown Assistance is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and you can avail of our car breakdown service, which includes car recovery (towing), in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Great Britain. Yes, that’s right, if you live in Ireland and breakdown in Great Britain, we’ll send out roadside assistance to you.

Is Breakdown Assistance Included in my Motor Insurance?

With Allianz Motor Insurance, Breakdown Assistance is offered as an optional extra on our policies for an additional premium and compliments our already established Claims Notification and Emergency Service*.

Breakdown Assistance gives you protection for different types of incidences than those covered by motor insurance. For example, your motor insurance policy covers your car for fire damage and theft, but it is Breakdown Assistance that provides the roadside cover should you get a flat tyre and need repairs or car recovery.

*Accident cover is only available as standard with comprehensive policies.

What is Covered by Allianz Breakdown Assistance?

  • Mechanical or electrical breakdown e.g. a flat battery.
  • A puncture that needs repairing or a wheel change.
  • Keys broken in locks or keys locked in your car.
  • Loss or theft of keys.
  • Car recovery (towing) to the nearest repairer or to your own garage within 50km/30 miles from the location of your breakdown. Rest assured during the current Level 5 restrictions with movements limited to 5km, our recovery service will still be available.

What isn’t Covered by Allianz Breakdown Assistance?

  • The cost of draining or removing contaminated or incorrect fuel type or lubricant from your car (we will tow your car to the nearest competent garage (maximum 50km/30mile) for assistance.
  • Recovery that requires specialist equipment.
  • Incidents which are covered under your motor policy.
  • The cost of repairs and cost of replacement parts when we have delivered your car to a competent repairer or garage.

What Happens if I Breakdown Roadside?

If you breakdown on the road, our tower/repairer will come to you at the roadside and offer assistance. Once they reach you, they will assess the situation and will try to get you back on the road there and then. 

Some of the things we can do roadside are:

  • Jump Starts - battery not ticking over? We will restart your car’s battery if it is flat.
  • Lock Outs - looking at your keys through your locked car window? We will be able to get into your car asap.
  • Tyre Changes - stranded with a flat or tyre blowout? We can help change your flat tyre or change your wheel and get you back on the road.
  • Fuel Delivery - run out of fuel? No worries, we’ll get some to you.

What Happens if My Car Cannot be Fixed Roadside?

If we cannot repair your car and get you back on the road, we will tow your car to the nearest garage or to your own garage, subject to maximum towing distance of 50km (30 miles). The cost of this tow service is covered with your Breakdown Assistance. However, the cost of repairs at the garage is at your expense.

How Will I Continue My Journey?

If your car breaks down in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland (more than 30km from your home address) and cannot be repaired at the breakdown site, we will help you continue your journey.

Allianz Breakdown Assistance includes Journey Completion for you and your passengers up to a maximum value of €150/£100 or the provision of a free courtesy car for up to 48 hours. If your repairs require an overnight stay, bed and breakfast accommodation is covered to a value of €35 per person or to a maximum of €150/£100.

Allianz Breakdown Assistance also includes Journey Completion if your car breaks down in Great Britain and it cannot be repaired at the breakdown site. For more details, read about the benefits of Allianz Breakdown Assistance here

How Expensive is Allianz Breakdown Cover?

So, you are probably thinking that Breakdown Assistance sounds very handy, but is probably very expensive. Well, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how little Allianz Breakdown Assistance costs. Remember, as we pick up the cost of recovery and roadside repair, you save on call-out fees and vehicle recovery.

Do You Need Breakdown Assistance?

As you can see, Breakdown Assistance  can be useful if your car gets a puncture or flat battery or more serious faults. It means you and your loved ones won’t be left stranded on the roadside without help or a working vehicle. 

While Breakdown Assistance isn’t required by law, it can give you peace of mind that should anything happen, your car’s breakdown will be handled efficiently so you and your passengers can get home safely.


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