Have you ever needed to use somebody else’s car only to realise that you’re not insured as a named driver on their policy? One of the most common questions we hear at Allianz in relation to car insurance is whether or not you’re covered to drive other people’s cars under your policy. We’re always happy to reply that the answer is yes, so long as you’re over 25 and that you’ve chosen Driving Other Cars as an optional extra.

This option will allow you to drive another private car with the owner’s permission provided the car:

  1. Does not belong to you or your employer
  2. Is not hired or leased to either of the parties described above under a hire purchase or leasing agreement
  3. Is not the property of or in the custody or control of a motor trade business of which you are a director, member or employee

It applies only to the policyholder and is restricted to Third Party cover only. So, in the event of a claim when driving another private car which isn’t listed on your policy, only the damage incurred by the third party will be covered.

Read more on insurance cover types here.

It should also be noted that Fire, Theft or Accidental Damage covers do not apply while you are driving in these circumstances and cover is limited to use within Ireland and the United Kingdom only.

Driving Other Cars is popular because it gives you flexibility if you need to drive someone else’s car.

If you’d like to know more or are interested in adding this benefit to your policy please give us a call on 01 448 48 48 and one of our customer service representatives will be delighted to help. Alternatively you can request to add this benefit yourself through your MyAllianz account. Please note that an additional premium will be added to your policy and that a mid-term adjustment fee of €20 may also apply.

Acceptance criteria, terms and conditions apply.

Calls may be recorded.

*Minimum premium of €284 applies.