Additional Drivers FAQs

Our most Frequently Asked Questions about Allianz Car Insurance Additional Drivers.

Additional Drivers

  • Yes, Allianz will provide up to 30 days cover free of charge if a driver is at least 25 years of age, has a full clean licence, no more than 6 penalty points/ two offences and is conviction free. If the driver is under 25, an additional excess of €200 applies in the event of a claims and charges will be incurred. If the driver has a Learner Permit/ Provisional Licence, an additional excess of €125 will apply. The 30 days free cover is reduced to 7 days if the driver has a provisional licence/ learner permit.

    The car insurance cover is restricted to persons named on the certificate, including the policyholder. Cover may be restricted or reduced for younger drivers. (see Policy Endorsements in your Motor Insurance Policy). Open driving option (explanation provided below) is available but must be specifically requested.

Open Driving is an optional cover which allows other drivers to drive your car as long as they are over 30 and under 70. This option is available if you are aged 25 or older and have at least 2 years No Claim Bonus and you have not had any convictions or disqualifications arising from a motoring offence within the past 5 years, other than spent convictions. (*Any convictions spent under the Criminal Justice (Spent Convictions and Certain Disclosures) Act 2016 do not need to be disclosed. Further information on spent convictions is available on  or you can check with your local Garda station if your conviction is considered spent under the Criminal Justice Act 2016).

Open driving may not be available for your car and it is not covered where we have given a premium reduction for having a second car with us.

Open driving covers anyone within the specified age range to drive the insured car provided they have:

  • a clean licence;
  • are free from claims;
  • do not suffer from any mental or physical medical conditions which could affect their driving.