91% of Irish Renters Do Not Have Home Insurance

by Alix Carman | 2 min read   September 12th, 2019

Nationwide research from Allianz reveals:

  • Only 9% of Irish renters have home insurance
  • 65% of Irish renters do not fully understand this type of insurance, exposing them to potentially serious loss in the event of theft, fire, flooding, or a visitor’s injury
  • Allianz to launch dedicated Renter’s Insurance application to protect tenants nationwide starting at €10 per month
  • Renters can insure their contents and liability and if a visitor is injured at their property
  • If you have expensive jewellery, bike, clothing, etc. these can be covered as an optional extra
  • Find out more about Allianz Renter's Insurance

Nationwide research from Allianz Insurance, conducted by Red C Research*, has revealed that 91 percent of the Irish population who rent do not have the proper insurance to protect their contents.

Renters’ Confusion Over Cover

As landlord insurance does not cover the contents of their tenants, having renter’s insurance is useful to protect renters from significant financial loss. Allianz commissioned research to determine renters’ understanding of what aspects of home insurance apply to renters. The research revealed that 65% of renters did not fully understand what was covered. When asked what renters insurance was, less than a quarter understood that it was for insuring contents. Irish renters’ confusion ranged from landowner insurance, to protecting their deposit, ensuring a fixed rental price or that the insurance would cover their rent should they be unable to pay.

The research showed that women and those renters aged between 35-44 years old were more likely to understand what was covered by renter’s insurance. Younger respondents in particular admitted they did not understand what exactly renter’s insurance actually covered. On the other hand, renters with more disposable income were far more likely to have cover.

According to recent research from AIB, in Q1 2019 there were 356,500 dwellings privately rented in Ireland, an increase of 14,900 from the same period last year. When it came to the make-up of renters, the research from Allianz found that while 22% of people rent with their partner, 27% are renting with their partner and children.

Allianz Launches Renters Insurance Application

Allianz is launching a new and dedicated Renter’s Insurance application that aims to help those renting to understand how their contents are covered in the event of fire, flooding, or theft. Allianz’s Renter’s Insurance starts at €10 per month.

Renter’s belongings are protected for up to €20,000 to start – this amount can be increased to suit the renter’s needs while getting a quote

  • The policy will protect liability if a visitor injures his/herself in a renter’s home, as long as there is no malicious intent involved, up to €3.175 million**.
  • Customers also get up to four Emergency Home Assistance callouts per year at no extra cost should a tenant get locked out, a pipe bursts, or a window is broken. This service is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. (Learn More)
  • For an average of €15.08 per month, renters can also select additional protection for personal effects outside of the home for up to €2,000 per item, and accidental damage with cover, with no excess. In the more complete package, renters can claim up to €2,000 in one claim. Once the quote is complete, they can call Allianz to discuss extending this limit to suit their needs.

Find out more about Allianz Renter's Insurance.

Allianz p.l.c. is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Standard acceptance criteria and policy conditions apply.

*Red C Research conducted the research in January 2019 across a nationally representative base of 221 renters.

**Exclusions apply. €3.175 million is inclusive of all legal fees and other expenses


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