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Car Insurance - FAQs

The following are a list of frequently asked questions and answers, which will help you better understand the excellent coverage that an Allianz car insurance policy provides.

Our car insurance policy documents and forms are available at the bottom of the page for you to download.


Additional Forms


I need to complete an additional form for a private car insurance policy, are they available to print online?

Yes, the following forms are available to download at the bottom of this page;  additional driver's form, lost motor certificate declaration form and change of cover declaration form.


Do I have to answer all questions on the additional car insurance forms i.e. additional driver form etc?

Yes, answer questions truthfully and fully. If you do not, you could make your motor insurance invalid and you may also be prosecuted under road traffic legislation.


Does Allianz require a Diabetes Questionnaire to be completed in respect of a policyholder/ named driver who advises they have Diabetes?

No, we do not require a Diabetes Questionnaire to be completed.

Beyond Economic Repair


What happens if my car is written off ?

If the car is written off, we will pay you its market value or the sum insured whichever is lesser at the time of the loss.

Business Use


Can I use my car for business purposes ?

Most motor insurance policies cover social, domestic and pleasure use, including travel to and from work. Business use is available but must be specifically requested.


Can I get an Indemnity to my Employer noted on my policy ?

Yes, however, if the car insurance policy is currently restricted to social domestic and pleasure use it would need to be amended to either Class 1 or Class 2 business use depending on the occupation and use of the vehicle. This change may result in an additional premium.

Commercial Vehicle


Can I do a temporary substitution to a commercial motor vehicle ?

Generally temporary substitutions to commercial vehicles are not acceptable.  However we will provide a temporary cover for max of 2 days to allow you to move house/furniture. Charge applies.

Courtesy Car


Am I entitled to a Courtesy Car following an accident or theft of the vehicle ?

Yes, provided you go through Allianz Emergency Service 1890 77 99 99 (call operator charges may vary).

If your car is  immobilised/ written off due to accident- free courtesy car for 5 days is available.

If your car is stolen, free courtesy car for up to maximum of 14 days is available.


Does Allianz provide a Breakdown Service ?


The basic policy does not include Breakdown Assistance however it is available as an optional cover on ALL of our Motor Policies.



Am I covered to carry a Defibrillator in connection with voluntary work as a First Responder to a Cardiac incident under my car insurance policy?

Yes, your car insurance will cover you to carry a Defibrillator at no extra cost. We will issue written confirmation of this on request.



Will I be covered if I drive someone else's car?

Driving other cars is available on request under Allianz car insurance policy but cover is restricted to third party only.


Who can drive my car?

Cover is restricted to persons named on the certificate, including the policyholder. There can be cover restrictions for drivers under a certain age. Open driving option is available but must be specifically requested.


Can I add a driver with a licence issued outside of the Republic of Ireland to a policy ?

Yes, you need to contact us and complete an additional drivers form to add any driver to the motor insurance policy.


Can a driver be added temporarily to a car insurance policy ?

Yes, Allianz will provide up to 30 days cover free of charge providing a driver is over 25 years, claims/convictions free and holds a full driving licence.

This is reduced to 7 days if the driver has a provisional licence.


What is a policy excess?

A policy excess is the amount the policyholder pays towards repairs after an accident damage, fire or theft claim. The standard excess on a Motor Policy with Allianz is €250. If you increase the amount of the excess, you can reduce the premium.


What open driving does Allianz provide on a Private Motor Insurance policy ?

Open Driving between the ages of 30 and 70 driving with the consent of the Insured and provided the policy is earning at least 2 years no claims bonus. This cover is not available on 2nd Car Policies.


Can a policyholder with 1 year no claims bonus have open driving on their policy ?

No, minimum 2 years no claims bonus must be earned before open driving is allowed.


Can I add a driver under 25 to an Allianz Private Motor Insurance policy in the first year?

No, we do not add drivers under 25 when the policy is in the first year of insurance with Allianz.


Can I add a driver under 25 to a 2nd Car policy with Allianz ?

No, a driver under 25 can be added only to a 1st Car product.


If my policy is in force for more than 1 year, can I add my children to the policy?

Yes, you need to contact us and complete an additional drivers form to add any driver to the motor insurance policy.


Does Allianz give Comprehensive cover to named drivers under 21?

Yes, you need to contact us and complete an additional drivers form to add any driver to the motor insurance policy.


Do you offer special rates on car insurance for women?

No, from 1st December 2012, Allianz will no longer use a person’s gender as a factor in determining his/her premium.

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Eplieptic Seizure


If a driver has had an Epileptic seizure 6 months ago can he / she be added to a car policy as a named driver?

No, as per road traffic legislation drivers must be seizure free for 12 months before they are permitted to drive again.

Medical report is required from a specialist before cover can be confirmed for the driver.

Gender ruling / legislation

What is changing?

Under the current legislation insurers are allowed to use a person’s gender as a factor in determining their premium.

The legislation is now changing: From 21st December 2012, insurance companies can no longer use a person gender as a factor in determining their premium. This means that insurance companies must rate males and females the same.

Why is this legislation required?

The legislation is required because of a ruling by the European Court of Justice (commoly referred to as the gender directive) that insurers can no longer take gender into account when calculating premiums.

When does the legislation come into effect?

It comes into effect on 21st December 2012 but Allianz are implementing the change from 1st December 2012 for all of our new and renewal business.

 Does Allianz use a person’s gender when determining their premium?

From 1st December 2012, Allianz will no longer use a person’s gender as a factor in determining his/her premium.

If Allianz no longer use a person’s gender as a factor in determining his/her premium, why do they still ask this question?

Allianz will still collect this information for other permitted purposes, such as to help us to accurately set capital reserves and for our internal risk assessment. This information is not used as a factor in determining a person’s premium.

Why were there rating differences between a male and female driver to begin with?

Insurers charge the premium based on a number of factors, so called risk factors, like for example a person’s age, their claims history, the type of car they drive etc. When an insurer analyses the risk for a particular individual (in this case for car insurance), they mainly rely on actuarial analysis. This analysis has proven that female drivers are at a lower risk of causing accidents. That is why typically a male driver would have had to pay a higher premium than a female driver. 



If I make any modifications to my car, should I advise Allianz?

Yes, you have to notify us of any modifications to your car to ensure they are fully covered.

FAQ are based on standard Allianz Direct private motor policy cover. Answers may vary for different insurance companies. For full Terms, Conditions and Exclusions on Allianz private motor insurance you must refer to the policy document.

No Claims Bonus


What is a no claim bonus?

A 'no claim bonus' is allowed for each accident-free (i.e. claim free) year driving in your own name. A full bonus is earned after 5 years.-


I had a claim for under €10,000 but did not have a full bonus prior to the claim. What bonus will Allianz allow?

Allianz will quote based on the bonus amount issued by the previous company at renewal.


Can an existing no claims bonus be transferred from an individual name to a company name?

No, we do not transfer the no claims bonus from an individual name to a company name or from a company name to an individual name.

Payment Options


Can I pay premium by Direct Debit?

Yes, you have two options:

1. You can pay by a single annual direct debit, with 0% service charge applied.

2. You can pay over 12 monthly direct debits; an 8% service charge applies.

Will my instalments automatically roll over at renewal?

Yes, if you are using our direct debit facility your debits will automatically roll over at renewal. This also refers to single annual direct debit policies.

For motor customers, for your convenience we will automatically send the Certificate of Motor Insurance to you approximately 5 days prior to your renewal date

Penalty Points


How many penalty points will Allianz accept at new business on a Private Motor Insurance policy?

Proposer/ additional drivers who have not accumulated more than 4 penalty points are acceptable.

Personal Effects


Am I covered for Personal Effects on a Private Car Insurance policy with Allianz?

The basic policy does not include Personal Effects cover. However it is available as an optional cover.

Total Liability is limited to €200 in respect of any one occurrence. Property must have been stored in a locked boot or closed compartment.

Suspend Policy - Rebate


If I suspend my motor insurance policy, am I entitled to a rebate?

Yes, however the policy must be suspended for at least 28 days before you are entitled to a rebate of the premium.

In order to suspend your motor insurance policy you must return the Certificate and Disc of Insurance to us.

Tracking Device


Under what circumstances does Allianz request a Tracker to be fitted to a private car?

If the vehicle has a list price or value of €100,000 or more.

If there has been a theft claim for a similar type of car under the policy previously, regardless of the vehicle value.

Trailer / Horsebox


Am I covered to tow a trailer or horsebox under a private motor insurance policy?

Yes, Third Party cover to tow a trailer/horsebox is automatically included in your policy.


Can I have Comprehensive or Third Party Fire & Theft cover for a trailer/ horsebox?

Yes, we will provide the same cover as your policy providing you give us details of your trailer/ horsebox. Additional charge applies.

Travel Coverage


Do I have the same cover while driving in Europe as I would have in the Republic of Ireland?

Yes, you would have the same cover whilst you are driving your own car. However, please note that our Breakdown Assistance is only available while driving in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

Windscreen Claims


Is there a limit on windscreen claims?

No, there is no limit on windscreen claims provided you go through one of our aligned windscreen repairers The amount we will pay is limited to €200 where the claim is not processed through our Aligned Windscreen Repair network. -

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