Allianz Ireland Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the Terms and Conditions, Terms of Business and Customer Information of the Allianz Website.

This Website is for use by residents of Ireland who are 18 years and over.

If you encounter any difficulty or delay in the use of our Website, in communicating with us by e-mail or availing in any way of any of our services, we would appreciate your drawing this to our attention and we assure you that we will make every reasonable effort to rectify such problems.

Please read carefully the following Terms and Conditions and Terms of Business.

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  2. Terms of Business
  3. Customer Information
  4. MyAllianz Terms of Service
  5. Fees and Charges
  6. Ezine Free Prize Draw
  7. MyAllianz Monthly Prize Draw
  8. Community Guidelines
  9. Facebook & Twitter Free Prize Giveaway
  10. Allianz Family Car Offer and Safe Driver App Terms and Conditions
  11. Allianz Emergency Home Assistance Terms and Conditions
  12. August Giveaway Terms and Conditions
  13. Fota Island Resort Giveaway Terms and Conditions
  14. One4All Voucher Giveaway Terms and Conditions
  15. Quote Giveaway Terms and Conditions